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Marana tha Ministries, Inc. is committed to seeking out and saving the lost and to witnessing to the Good News of the Kingdom to all people– especially those whose lives are broken, lonely, depressed, or entangled in the web woven by the devil– who need to experience the goodness and healing of God.  For this purpose we are seeking to acquire property on the island of Oahu near Honolulu to start Machsi (Hebrew for “My refuge”) where those whose lives are at risk to losing the Glory of God or are broken and without hope can come to be made whole and to experience the anointing.  It is to be a gathering place for sharing the love and glory of God, a place where the Word of God is shared to make lives beautiful.  A  place for those who need a fresh start and a place for people to discover the exciting plans God has for their lives.  We have a heart for the young girls caught in sex trafficking in Honolulu, for young women who have been pulled into the trap of prostitution, for women coming out of prison, and for homeless women and their children on the streets of Honolulu, to provide them with a refuge from that life where they can live and learn a new profession.

And also housed in Machsi would be a media center where young people and the residents could come to learn media skills and create their own videos, music, shows and commercials with Godly values to influence our current culture rather than staying plugged into the stream of values contrary to those of God that we now are subjected to on internet, TV, music, games and videos.  A place where they could learn to hear God’s voice and dream His dreams within their gifts to make a difference to their generation.

We plan to house a recording studio in Machsi also for evangelization through the performing arts and entertainment industry using modern technology to reach the world for God.  He wants everyone to experience His goodness and the abundant life He sent His Son to give us!

And of course there would be singing, worship and praise!

And one of our members has offered us acreage on her farm here on the Island to raise our refuge. We went out to see the land and we are amazed at all the good God is doing and bringing to us to start our ministry to His girls and women who need deliverance and healing. We already have members of Most Beautiful Among Women– a psychiatrist, an ob/gyn doctor, an RN and LPN, a speech pathologist, a counselor, a lawyer, and others– who are ready and willing to go to work with us on the project and now we have the land. Here are photos of our new land:

Pray for us to have the funds come in to build Machsi on this beautiful farm land.

The Song on this page is “Gathering Place” composed by Bonnie L. Moore and sung by Koa Siu, with music played by Dennis Graue. © 2011 Bonnie L. Moore.  This song and any other on this website can be ordered at now at 


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