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God Commercials

Click here to see the 90 second commercial or click here to see the 30 second commercial

click here to see 60 second commercial on youtube.

Marana tha Ministries, Inc. is starting on a great adventure at the inspiration of our LORD God!  We are going forth to tell the world the Good News by television commercials about God on major secular networks! Please join with us in the beginning of our evangelization efforts to harvest souls for the LORD before He returns.

The LORD God communicated to us that He wants commercials. When we inquired what the commercials were to be about, He said about Him—He wants to get out the good news to people that He loves them and wants to make their lives beautiful.  God Commercials that are by God and about God. People do not know the LORD and they are not going to places or hearing things that lead them to Him and His Word.  The LORD said the way to reach these sheep without a Shepherd is by the media—TV, internet, music, and movies!  And so begins Marana tha Media Productions!

Our first commercials were aired on Super Bowl Sunday during pregame and in the game itself!  The pregame 90 second commercial to Shepherd Song aired at 12:01 (about noon) and the 30 second commercial to Fellowship Song aired at 3:22 p.m. (right after the Half-Time Show) on local Hawaii KHON 2 advertising!  The commercials are now airing at various times during the day and night for the next eight weeks.  If you would like to watch them, go to the You Tube website and search for “God Wants to Make Your Life Beautiful” and both the 90 second and 30 second commercials will come up at the top of the list.

A third commercial to God’s Song has now been completed and is airing on KHON 2. If you want to view the third commercial (it is 60 seconds) just view it on You Tube at the link at the top of this page or just click here.

 We also are in negotiation for the production of a fourth one that would be another sixty second commercial to “Come to Me.”

These commercials are the LORD’s idea and not ours, so if He inspires you to join in the work, please go to the “Donate” page and give whatever He inspires you to do toward reaching people for His Kingdom and witnessing to all the nations.  Anything you give is given for Him and His project.  For we know from His Word in Scripture that the desire of His Heart is to see all people saved and come to know the truth.  He loves us with an everlasting love and He is deeply grieved if anyone is lost after He gave His precious Son to save us!  And Jesus paid for us with every drop of His Blood!  You have been purchased at an invaluable price!  Do not treat so great a salvation lightly. Become zealous to win souls for Him who has given so much to save them!  He will be pleased.  And He will be with you.

The commercials have a song playing in which God is singing (one of the Wonderful Songs in the LORD God Collection) while we view beautiful scenes of how life can be with Him that fit with the words of the song.  The scenes flash and fade in and out as we soar through them.

We do not have the funds yet to buy airtime on the major national secular stations for national showing so we are beginning locally with the local major networks, KHON (Fox) and KHNL (NBC), in Hawaii.  They have both been wonderful and enthusiastic about the commercials and are willing to film them and air them.  But we do need to pay for this and any donations you give are tax deductible.  Let us do an excellent production for God that rivals ungodly commercials of the major beer companies and fast food chains!  We who love the LORD should be willing to expend as much as they do to win souls to their products!  And our next adventure that God has indicated He wants us to go is movies of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation.  The computer animation and special effects will be awesome! The events in our salvation history rival any of the current computer animated films, such as Lord of the Rings (just read the life of Elijah or the Book of Revelation)!  So if God puts on your heart to join with us in making Him known to the world, please do!

And our future plans that the LORD God has shown us are to work into filming and producing movies of entire Books of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation!  With computer animation and live actors, these movies will far surpass any you have seen so far in the events that take place in them.  Just read the Bible and you will see what I mean.

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