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One  of the arms of ministry of Marana tha Ministries, Inc. is sending God’s  Word to the world via the means of the performing arts.  The  first aspect of this to be sent out is the Word in song.  God has given  the President of Marana tha Ministries, Inc., Bonnie L. Moore, the gift  of some “Wonderful Songs” and He is watching over His Word to perform  it!  Ms. Moore has now composed the words and music to one hundred and thirty songs and more are coming every week!  These are new songs that the Lord is singing to us and we are singing unto the Lord!

God  sang love songs to us since the foundation of the world.  The stars  sang at creation, Job 38:7, but He sang too.  The world has not heard  His songs yet, but now, in six collections of Wonderful Songs, you will.

Bonnie  began composing these songs in July of 2008 after Kenneth Copeland  prophesied over those attending the 2008 KCM West Coast Believers’  Convention that those present who had any musical abilities would  compose songs of Heaven on the earth– songs that God wanted released on  the earth but which were not being written.  Though she had never  composed any songs before that, Bonnie woke up the next morning singing  “Word Song” and the songs have not stopped flowing into her heart since  then.

There  are seventy-nine songs out in  six CDs, but Bonnie has composed over 135 songs now and has completed recording a new and seventh CD at the recording studio at New Hope Oahu with singers Jana Alcain, Noni Slade and Melodie Zepeda.  There are seventeen songs on the new CD, including “Loving Eyes” and “Tabernacle of Praise,” which are all now available on ITunes by clicking here:

All of the songs are  “Wonderful Songs,” but they are currently, on the first six CDs, divided into six collections that will  take you on a journey of our salvation history from the Book of Genesis  to the Book of Revelation.  The six collections  are: “Creation Collection, A New Creation in Christ,”  Israeli  Collection, Jerusalem Rose,” “Covenant Collection, Everlasing Love,”  “Marana tha Collection, Come Lord Jesus!”,  “Praise and Worship  Collection, Keys to the Kingdom;” and “The LORD God Collection:  I AM.” You can order these by clicking here:

Zephaniah 3:17 is true when it states that God sings songs over His  people with joy.  We have only to open our hearts to hear them and sing  them back.

In  these Spirit sent songs from Heaven you will meet the LORD God as He  really is. He wants you to know that He is your Healer, your Provider,  your Father, your Shepherd, your Lover, and your Friend.  He wants you to know of His everlasting love for you and how precious you are in His eyes.  He longs for intimate fellowship and complete union with you.  He wants to make your life beautiful; the most beautiful life ever lived.

So, listen to the plans He has for you and for the world!  You  will find strength, encouragement, joy and peace– for His mouth is all  sweetness, He is all delight, such is your Lover and such is your  Friend, yes, such is your God!  Song of Songs 5:16. These songs will lift you up to Him as He reaches down to you.

These songs are produced by Word Songs, LLC, which is independent of Marana tha Ministries, Inc.

All  of the songs are copyright registered by Bonnie L. Moore.  If  you or your church choir would like to sing them there are sheet music  Songbooks that go with each Collection of Wonderful Songs, and  performance tracks are also available.

Any  purchase you make of Wonderful Songs CDs, Songbooks, Posters, or  performance tracks will cause a donation to be made back to the Ministry  by Word Songs, LLC. These products are not offered for sale by Marana  tha Ministries but independently by Word Songs, LLC at  www.wonderfulsongscollection.com. Which will take you to our new website www.21stlot.com

On each page of this website you can listen to one  of the songs from the collection.  On this page you will hear short  segments in a demonstration medley of some of the songs. The songs on the first six CDs are sung by Clint Torres, Tori Anguay, Meleana Brown, Paula Manz,  Cathryn Masuda, Koa Siu, Lauren Hollands, Christina Youngs and T‑Unique and were recorded at On the Rock Recording Studios, Tim Strickland, owner and engineer, in Honolulu, Hawaii. The songs on Loving Eyes album were all recorded at New Hope Oahu recording studio with singers from New Hope members– Jana Alcain, Noni Slade, and Melodie Zapeda.

Demonstration Medley of shorts from various albums © 2008-2010 Bonnie L. Moore

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