For thus says the Lord, who created the heavens. I am He who formed the earth and made it, I established it and did not create it a void, but formed it to be inhabited.  Isaiah 45:18.

Today your LORD (יהוה) God says:

I fill voids.  In the beginning there was a void and darkness, I filled it with light, planets, sun, moon, and I made over septillion stars.  I fill you days with good things.  Open wide your mouth and I will fill it.

I did not create the world to be void but to be inhabited and lived in.  Isaiah 45:18.  I filled it with plants, trees, animals, birds, fish, flowers, and I made mountains, valleys and plains.  I do not make things all the same but diverse and interesting and beautiful.  Everything is beautiful in its own time.  Do you even know how many different kinds of flowers I formed?  And fruit trees?  And dogs?

And you have so much inside you that you cannot even see.  Blood vessels that would go around the world in length and more than once and they are all very nicely compact in you.  And each cell in your body is like a whole city with various jobs and functions being carried on every moment that you are not even aware of.  Your eye is so complicated it takes a specialist to know even a little bit about it.  And there is so much more.

There is no void in your body. It is filled with amazing organs and systems.

And all creation teaches you that I fill voids.  If there is a void, something will fill it, whether it be water, a creature, a plant, or soil.

And it is the same with you.  I am the One who meets all your needs.  I make your cup overflow.  I set a banquet before you.  And I give you all things to richly enjoy.

Are you not aware of it?  You are heir of the world.  All I made is for you.

Is there a void in your life?  Open it to Me, to the Light, and I will fill it.  Ask and you shall receive.  Good measure, pressed down, running over, will I pour into your life.  And into your heart I pour My love till it overflows like a fountain, like a river, to eternal life by the gift of My Holy Spirit in you.

Come to Me all who are thirsty and drink from the river of life, the river of delights, that flows from My throne of grace to your thirsty heart.  Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness you shall have your fill!

Come to My banquet hall, for My banner over you is love.

And there was a void in your heart after Adam rejected Me.  But now I fill it with the Holy Spirit in you.  Be filled with faith and the Holy Spirit.  Be filled with the good things of My house.  I will open the windows of Heaven and release a blessing on you which you cannot contain.

And how does all this happen?  Well, all people are recipients of My providence, My sun shines on the good and the bad, on the saved and the unsaved, and My rain does also and makes the crops grow for everyone.  But those who have received My Son, My little flock, to them I have not only given the earth, but My Kingdom as well.  Unending supply.  My government authority, My skill, My life. That is grace.

I gave you My Son to give you abundant life to fill your empty way of existence cut off from My Kingdom.  Will you not receive Him as Lord?  He knocks at the door of your empty heart to come in and fill it with His presence and light as He dines with you in the secret place.

He is your great good Shepherd who fills all the voids in your life.

I bless you, as I did Abraham, to be a blessing.  Help Me fill voids in people’s lives.

I fill voids.  It was not good for the man to be alone.  So I made him a helper to be at his side—the woman.

And if there is a void in your life, let Me fill it.  Like I did for Ruth and Naomi.  They both were bereaved and but I gave them each other, but that was not enough to make their cups overflow.  I then gave Ruth a redeemer. I gave her Boaz.  And with him provision and family came to two women who thought that could never be in their lives.  And I gave Ruth and Boaz a beautiful destiny together, and as the ancestors of My Son in the flesh.

And Jesus is your kinsman redeemer.

And when Elijah felt so alone and depressed in serving Me, I sent him Elisha to be his helper and his successor.  And Elisha called Elijah his father.  He was a son to him though Elijah did not have a son according to the flesh, but I gave him one more loyal than a son, a spiritual son.

I lead prisoners out to prosperity and give a home to the lonely.  I am a father to widows and orphans.  I look after the weak and oppressed.

And when Paul needed help and companionship, I sent him Priscilla and Aquila.  And I sent him Luke and Timothy.

And when Mary was so alone with her wondrous mission of being the virgin mother of the Messiah, I gave her Elizabeth as a friend who knew and Joseph as her loyal spouse to protect and care for her and the infant and child Jesus.  And when she was left in the world without Joseph and Jesus, I gave her John to take her in his home and be a son to her.

And even if you have lost your spouse or child or have been rejected by your spouse or child, or you never had one, I will never leave you or forsake you.  Even if your mother and father abandon you, I never will.  Even should your mother forget you, I never will.  I have written your name in the palms of My hands and engraved it on My heart.  I have espoused you to Me forever.  I have loved you with an everlasting love and I will never lose My first love for you.  You are My beloved. You are the apple of My eye.  Forever.  I am your forever Father.

I love you.  Let Me surround you with love and compassion and fill your days with good things.  Bring Me your voids and I will fill them.  Just come to My throne with confidence and receive mercy and find grace for timely help just when you need it.