Do all things without grumbling or disputing; so that you will prove yourselves to be blameless and innocent, children of God above reproach in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation, among whom you appear as lights in the world, holding fast the word of life. Philippians 2:14-16.

He guides me in right paths for His Name’s sake. Psalm 23:3.

Today your LORD (יהוה) God says:

What do you want for 2020? Think about it. It is the year of perfect vision with perfect provision. And the source is My everlasting love. But to have vision, you need focus. And you need to be specific. Bartimaeus just called out to My Son, “have mercy on me.” Jesus made him tell specifically what he desired, for if he would be specific, he could focus his faith and connect to My power. He then said his specific desire—“to see.” And it was done according to his faith. Faith is specific.

Fill your mouth with positive faith-filled words. Change what you are saying and you will change what you are seeing. Declare. I have given you power in words. I created all things that way and I hold things together that way, by My Words. If you want to go to a new level, then don’t complain, say what you want to see and not what you do not want to see, and be thankful. The more gratitude you express, the more abundance you experience. Jesus thanked Me for the five loaves and two fish and you know what happened. He also blessed them. You must begin blessing your things, your body, your life—don’t demean who you are and what you have. It will destroy you and your things.

Many of you have not because you ask not. And then even if you ask you do not believe you will receive and speak against it by declaring it is not working. Or you ask something that is not in keeping with walking in love. I will not harm anyone no matter how much you ask Me to do so. I will deliver you and I will vindicate and protect you but I will not operate in hate. I cannot. I am love. And I will not help you to hurt others or yourself. I will draw these things up before your eyes before you go too far astray. Keep your heart attached to Me and I can lead you.

I want you to get clutter out of your life. A disorganized and wandering day goes nowhere. Clean up the outer clutter in your homes, workplaces, and vehicles, outside clutter moves inside or rather, inside clutter moves out. If you find a cluttered home and life you will find a person who is not focused.

2020. It is about vision even in worldly terms. And to see clearly, you have to get rid of clutter. How can you see he speck in your brother’s eye when there is a plank in your own?

So how do you start 2020? With a clean heart. And how do you get a clean heart? You wash it with the water of My Word. Write My Words on the tablet of your heart and encumbrance will fall off. Begin saying you are healed and stop being afraid. Begin declaring your health, your wealth, your buildings, homes, and equipment and begin to plan for the praise of My glory. Shine for all the world to see. Let your light manifest to lost and sinful men who have no idea how to come home to My house. Show them the way home. You have the Words of everlasting life. Share them. I was in Christ reconciling the world to Myself, not counting their sins or offenses against them. And now I am in you. Be ambassadors of reconciliation.

So what do you want from 2020? But the better question is “what will you give to 2020 so that it can give back to you?” In My Kingdom you give to receive. Will you give others the gift of eternal life by leading them to Jesus as Lord? That is the most wonderful gift of all. Will you bring people out of pain to wholeness by laying your hands on the sick in My Name, by praying for one another, by gathering together in My Name to bind on earth what is bound in Heaven and to loose on earth what is loosed in Heaven? Will you walk in love and truth with one another? Will you make the most of your time?

Will you be rich towards Me so I can be rich towards you? I can increase your seed sown and your harvest providing you with all sufficiency for yourself and for every good work. I love to reward and bless a cheerful giver, for the measure with which you measure, is measured back to you, and more besides. A hundred-fold.

If you will change your words, you will change your life. If you use My Words you will have My kind of life.

Now, I will share with you what I am looking for in 2020. Actually, it is what I am looking for from everlasting to everlasting, and I share it with you in My Word, but most people are only looking after their own interests and really do not care about what pleases Me. My servant Paul put it this way, “For they all seek after their own interests, not those of Christ Jesus.” Philippians 2:21. But if people only knew that if you honor Me, I honor you, if you promote Me, I promote you, and when you look after My affairs, I look after yours, they might be interested in finding out what pleased Me. But there are those who genuinely love Me and want to be busy about My affairs. So this is for you, My special treasure:

  1. Faith. It is impossible to please Me without faith. Why? Faith is being fully persuaded that what I said is true and if you stand on it will come to pass. Faith is not getting Me to do something, it is knowing that I already have. It is knowing that in Jesus, I have given you EVERYTHING you need for LIFE and godliness. Faith is based on knowledge and comes by hearing My Word, so that you know what I have freely given you in Christ. In Him you have healing available to you at all times, you have provision, you have wisdom, you have righteousness, you have sanctification, you have redemption, you have every promise of goodness I have ever made, for they are all “yes” to you in Him. All I need is for you to connect and bring them out of the spiritual realm to the physical by faith. According to your faith it will be done. In seeing Jesus, you are seeing Me, and He tells you He is looking for faith. I look for faith because I know that the person with faith can connect with Me and My power can go to and through them to others and into the world. Super conductors are what I am looking for. Those who are so fully persuaded of the truth of My Word that no one and nothing can shake them off it. Zero anxiety. And faith gives substance to hope and hope gives you all joy in believing. And rejoicing in My Word that it will work for you is what I look for as faith. Rejoice always, I tell you. So I am looking for that in your heart as evidence of your faith. Nothing that the devil throws at you can bring you down when you know you already have the solution, the antidote, and the deliverance.
  2. Gratitude. You enter into My gates with thanksgiving. Jesus tells you I am looking for grateful hearts. Remember the ten lepers? My Son commented on that only one came back to give thanks though they were all healed. The power of thanksgiving is very great. It can change your world and multiply your goods and your harvest. I tell you not to grumble and complain, if you do you will miss all the good things that are within you to bring out to manifest. Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, and give constant thanks. Thanks. And prayer is next.
  3. Prayer. Prayer pleases Me. It is connection. My longing is to dwell with you and be your God. I tell you to pray always, to pray without ceasing, to pray for government leaders and those in authority, to pray for the salvation of others and that they come to know the truth that will set them free, and I tell you that time spent in My Word is the one thing necessary and the best part. If you do not pray it is difficult for Me to tell you great and mighty things you could not know. If you don’t pray you will never know Me as Father, lover, and friend. And Jesus told you always to pray and never to give up. Never sever the relationship. David sang that he was always aware of Me at his right hand and feared nothing. Prayer authorizes Me to act in your life and the lives of those you pray for. I tell you to even pray for your enemies and persecutors. I want to save them too. I tell you to pray that My Kingdom come and My Will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Without prayer, there is not much I can do in your life.
  4. Humility. I resist the proud but give grace to the humble. Humility leads to riches and honor. Humility is knowing that you are not your own source, that I am your source of everything good, and of life itself. It is the attitude of confident dependence, like a child with a good and loving parent. My prophet Micah wrote it well, “He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the LORD require of you but to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God.” Micah 6:8. When you are humble you can be led by My Holy Spirit into great exploits and mighty deeds for the Kingdom on earth. And when you are humble, no one can offend you. It is a great shield. For when you are humble, you rely on Me to vindicate you for I am your righteousness, not what you have earned but what I have given to you. And humble people do not fall when they rise to high places. I can trust them with promotion to still be servants for the benefit of all.
  5. Singing. I tell you to sing a new song to Me. I tell you to address one another in psalms, songs, hymns, and to make melody to Me in your heart. I tell you to enter My courts with songs and shouts of praise. I tell you that it is good for you in every part of your being to give Me thanks and to sing praises to My Name. A cheerful heart does good like a medicine. A singing heart is a cheerful heart. You can win the victory by singing praise in the darkest hour. It brings all of Heaven to earth, and I mean the angelic host, ready for battle at the voice of My Word. Song of deliverance. The ministry of song is something you can do anywhere any time, even in the secret place of your heart where My Kingdom is accessed.
  6. Use your talents for the good of all. My Son told you the parable of the Master who entrusted his servants with talents to invest and put to use until He returned. I have done that for you. I give you skills, talents, unique gifts, creative ideas, kingdom visions and dreams, and the opportunities to bring them to fruition. My Son is the vine and you are the branches. Grace is yours in Him. My divine life is in you and I create. So should you. Do not just sit there and await My return idle all day. Go to work in My vineyard. The fields are ripe for harvest. I am looking for those who will get out there and shine with My light that I put in you. Remember, the Master looked for increase when He returned. That started with the empowerment of the BLESSING I gave to the first man and woman and I give to each of you—bear much fruit and take dominion over the works of My hands. Replenish the earth. Make all things beautiful. Like Eden. And it all starts in your heart but it does not stay there. Use what is in you. I will multiply it and show you how. I will complete the good work I have begun in you, you have only to draw it out. I prepared a life of good deeds for you in advance in Christ Jesus that you might walk therein. Be the good and faithful son and daughter that I find busy about Kingdom business (benefiting all with your gifts) when I return.
  7. Witness. I told My followers to go out and be My witnesses, My ambassadors of reconciliation, wherever you are, local and global. I told you to share the good news of the Kingdom! To reconcile people to Me. To bring them to salvation and the knowledge of the truth that will set them free. It does not matter what occupation or vocation I have called you to, you can be a witness wherever you are. Let your light shine, for it is My light in you, Jesus in you, your hope of glory, and tell then about My Word. Jesus left no room for doubt at your calling, He told you who believe in His Name to cast out demons and lay your hands on the sick so that they receive the healing power of My grace through your hands. Super conductors into the world of My power of love to heal, deliver, provide, and guide. You are wise to win souls. That will last forever.
  8. My Son told you I am looking for those who worship in Spirit and truth. This means communicating with Me in the Holy of Holies, with confidence you come to the throne of grace, by walking in the Spirit and not in the flesh and keeping My Word, which is truth. You cannot please Me when you are walking in the flesh. This does not necessarily mean sinning; it means living your life only focused on what you see and feel with your five senses and living by your circumstances. It means you are led by your emotions by what you see and feel in the temporal world at the moment. No believer should be living this way with a darkened mind and unenlightened heart. If you walk in the Spirit, it simply means you walk by faith in My Word. That when you see or feel sickness attack, you do not crumble in fear, you respond with faith in healing because that is what I promise in My Word that you already have. So you speak the truth of My Word, cast out the spirit of infirmity, and in that Name above every other Name you move that force, and instead release the healing power that I have put in you by My Spirit dwelling in you giving life to your mortal body. And when you walk in the Spirit and in truth, you do not gossip, judge, use slander, lies, or malice.
  9. And I am looking for those who keep, treasure, and obey My Word. Not mere hearers but doers. Those that build their lives on the rock foundation of truth, which is My Word, and will not be shaken off it no matter what comes. Jesus told you, “If anyone loves Me, he will keep My word; and My Father will love him, and We will come to him and make Our abode with him. 24 He who does not love Me does not keep My words; and the word which you hear is not Mine, but the Father’s who sent Me.” John 14:23. There is great reward in keeping My Words. I look for those who do. Hearts that love My Word, love Me, and I am looking for hearts turned towards Me, seeking Me. My eyes roam to and for across the earth looking for those whose hearts are turned towards Me that I may show Myself strong on their behalf. Committed to My Word is total commitment to Me. Then I am yours and you are Mine in the Covenant that can never be broken because I made it with My Word made Flesh by His Blood.
  10. Walk in love. Unless all of the above are done in love they mean nothing, but actually there is no other way you could do them, except empowered by LOVE. For I am love. I am looking for unity among brethren, among believers. My Son prayed for this the night before He died. That all would unite as one in us with no divisions. Hearts on fire with love, doing the works of Jesus and greater. Going about healing, blessing, loving, forgiving, admonishing, teaching. LOVE. That sums it all up in one word, but My Son pointed it in two directions: Love of God and Love of neighbor. And that forms the Cross, the vertical going up to Me and that is where the Head is, focused above on Me. The horizontal direction of the cross is going out to your fellow man and that is where the hands are. But shared on the vertical and horizontal bars of the cross where they intersect is where the heart of My Son lay. And that is where both directions unite. I pour My love into you by the gift of the Holy Spirit, and in your heart is where Christ dwells, your hope of glory (the manifestation of My presence, My Power, and My goodness). It all starts in your heart, but it does not stay there. So love of Me and neighbor all comes from your heart, but your heart must know that love consists in this: not that you have loved Me but that I have loved you and given you My Son as propitiation for your sins and as your EVERYTHING.

I love you. Happy 2020. Declare it the year of your perfect vision with perfect provision and walk in the good deeds I prepared for you in advance. I have given you the good Shepherd to guide you in right paths for His Name’s sake. You shall not want.