Christ redeemed us from the curse of the Law, having become a curse for us—for it is written, “Cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree”— in order that in Christ Jesus the blessing of Abraham might come to the Gentiles, so that we would receive the promise of the Spirit through faith. Galatians 3:13-14.

Knowing that you were not redeemed with perishable things like silver or gold from your futile way of life inherited from your forefathers, but with precious blood, as of a lamb unblemished and spotless, the blood of Christ. 1 Peter 1:18-19.

“I have wiped out your transgressions like a thick cloud And your sins like a heavy mist. Return to Me, for I have redeemed you.”  Isaiah 44:22.

“As the Lord lives, who has redeemed my life from all distress.” 1 Kings 1:29.

Today your LORD (יהוה) God says:

I have redeemed you. It is done. You are not asking for redemption, all you have to do is receive it. You are redeemed. Redeemed forever. And I always saw you redeemed, holy and blameless in Christ from before the foundation of the world.

What are you redeemed from? Do you know? You are redeemed from the curse of the law. What law? The law of sin and death. Adam took you under that law. He went from life to death, dust he was and to dust he would return. What was dust? Only his flesh, not his spirit and soul, but when he cut himself off from Me and transferred from the Kingdom to the realm of darkness, he went under a new lord and a new jurisdiction. And he released the results of a law, the law of sin and death. The wages of sin is death. Physical and spiritual. He brought you all into a new line. Adam was adopted by the devil. He now walked by the flesh and not by the spirit. But he still had My DNA. You understand this in the natural, an adopted child and his or her descendants are in a new line and receive their inheritance from that line because of the law of adoption, they now do not any longer take their name or inherit from their biological roots, but they can still trace their origins by their DNA. You can legally change whose you are, but you can never change WHO you are. You can change where you live, but you can never change where you are from.

You came out of Me in My image and My likeness and you will never thrive outside the realm in which you were created to live, move and breath. Without being attached to Me, you are like a branch cut off from its vine and you will wither up and die. But if you are grafted back in, you will thrive again for you will have been restored and can easily grow the fruit of the vine. I restore your soul. And when you abide in Me, you will be fruitful. A branch cannot help but bear the fruit of the vine. And if you abide in Me you will be fruitful.

How do you abide in Me? Jesus told you very clearly, “If you remain in My Word and My Word remains in you.” It all has to do with keeping My Word, with making it ultimate authority in your life that you will not violate. My Words are your counselors, they give wisdom and understanding to the simple. They are originators of good in your life. They are containers of divine power—My Word of power sustains the universe and holds all things together.

This should not surprise you. Consider this: How did Adam change jurisdictions and transfer from life to death and release the curse into the earth? You know the answer. By violating My Word. My Words are living and active, they are Spirit and life, they give Light, My Word is the Light of the World, My Words are a light to your path, and a lamp unto your feet. If you put out the light and walk in the dark, you stumble, fall, and lose your way, especially in unfamiliar territory or if new obstacles have been put in familiar ways. Do you understand? My laws are not burdensome, they give life, and when you violate them you put other laws in motion that give death. If I tell you to do something or I tell you not to do something, you should listen as you would to a well-respected doctor, a master teacher, a lawyer expert in an area of the law in which you are seeking counsel, or a successful financial planner to learn the secrets of how to succeed in that area. In fact, you would be careful to do all they told you if you wanted to benefit from their expertise and get a jump start for the good result you are seeking. You would be foolish to go out and do the opposite.

Think of My Word like an umbrella of redemption that keeps the curse that is in the world from raining down on you. When you keep My Word you stay under the umbrella and the more you cherish and treasure that Word and become a doer of it, the umbrella over you enlarges to a canopy and a hedge and you can invite in others with you. Like the parable of the mustard seed My Son told you as an illustration of the Kingdom of Heaven in your midst.

And under the canopy of My Word there is shade from the heat and shelter from the rain. Faith is really just resting in My Word with no anxiety at all because you know what I will do for you. It is again entering into the rest I created you to live in when I formed you on the eve of the sixth day and then entered My rest with you. Everything was made that was made, ready to wait on your word to expand and replenish. But I have given you everything you need for life and godliness already. You have only to walk it out.

Do not rebel and disobey for then you are out from under the umbrella of the Word and there is much danger in the earth due to the roaming of the prince of the air and his demons looking for some foolish person to take captive to do their will. But if you are abiding in My Word, he cannot capture you. You will take him captive to do your will for he was created to serve you but has violated his purpose and calling. That is why he turned to darkness and the stench of hell. He once was light, like the glorious holy angels, but he put his light out, and when you do that, how deep the darkness is. He moves in deep darkness and he tries to drag you there to participate in the deeds of darkness. Be wise to his tactics, keep up the shield of faith and strike with the Sword of the Spirit, My Words in your mouth and walk as a child of Light. Darkness never can overcome light. Light takes darkness out every time. Don’t fight him on his territory with curse words and obscene talk, you will lose. Fight from your vantage point with Me in Christ on High with My Words of power and you will win—he must flee when you are submitted to keeping My Words. That is total resistance that he cannot penetrate.

Let Me give you an example here. If sickness attacks your body and has found an entrance therein, do not deny that you have those symptoms of sickness. I do not ask you to speak things that are as though they are not. I tell you to speak those things that are not as though they are. Call in your result by My Word. Frame your life by My Word. Say, “Thank God, that by His stripes I was healed when Jesus died on the Cross!” and then address the demon of infirmity that is attacking you, “Sickness (or name the disease, allergy or symptom) in the Name of Jesus leave my body, you have no place in me for I have been redeemed! Go NOW and never return.” And rest in that with Me. Abide in it. Sing praise. “Submit to God (and I am My Word), resist the devil and he MUST flee from you.” He has no choice. But he will try to test to see if you really mean what you are saying by throwing up some contrary circumstances trying to increase the pressure (sift you like wheat) and he can tell if you doubt if you then check the symptom, find it still there, and say, “This does not work,” and begin show fear by crying and moaning. He just stole your seed, you pulled it up and gave it to him by your words that cancelled Mine, and you will never harvest. And I cannot stop you for by your words you are acquitted and by your words you are condemned. It is a law. The law of words.

I love you. Watch your words and you guard your life.