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Yehudah, the Son Born in Praise

Marana tha Ministries, Inc., a Hawaii nonprofit corporation, was incorporated in 2008 with a mission to share the good news of the Gospel through teaching, preaching, and healing, especially via the media and performing arts, with all people beginning in Hawaii. Our vision is to free people from the darkness that weighs so heavily upon them by bringing them the marvelous light of God’s goodness and healing love so that they may enjoy the fullness of redemption and the abundant joy filled-life that Christ came to give us. Our latest project is the video of “Yehudah, the Son Born in Praise” a new song composed by the President of Marana tha Ministries, Bonnie L. Moore. It tells the story of Judah (Yehudah in Hebrew) and the prophecy of Jacob over the tribe of Judah in Genesis 49:8-12.

And it tells how the whole mystery of the tribe of Judah is revealed in the Hebrew letters that spell the name of Judah. The words of the song are fully portrayed as one scene flashes by another in the video that comes to a most amazing and spectacular ending that you do not hear in the song but will see on the last two choruses in the video. But that will be kept as a surprise for you when you see the video. Many Hebrew words are intertwined in the song with amazing explanations shown in animation on the screen during the video. This video will show the beauty of the Word and how carefully God crafted it from the beginning to show us His beloved Son. His gift to us that gives us everything.

We completed all the filming of the live actors in three very successful days of filming “Yehudah.” We had three days of miracles. We began in the warehouse at the studio where our wonderful carpenter Brian had built Laban’s house. It was an amazing and anointed time of filming. The camera crew was so enthusiastic over the miracle they were seeing take place before their eyes that I heard many comment that they just wanted to continue and film the whole Bible! The set was so realistic and the lighting extraordinary! And the actors were perfectly suited to their parts and all gave stellar performances.

Mary and Joseph going to Bethlehem

We then switched our venue to the Pali and filmed the paradise to heaven scene. It had rained all weekend and morning and they thought we would cancel our shoot but the Lord told me not to fear that He was with me and He gave me an afternoon of blue skies and sunshine that were breathtaking in beauty. And all thought the ground would be muddy after three days of rain but it was not at all and the grass was not wet! A miracle. The minute we were done filming, after 4 hours, when the last camera was packed up, it started to rain again. It just stopped for our filming.

On the next day we filmed all day at Gunstock Ranch and did the same on the following day. We had extraordinary miracles both days that strengthened everyone’s faith and made us all marvel at the greatness and goodness of God.

This is a beautiful and breath-taking movie, far beyond what I had imagined or even dreamed it would be. And the special effects are by God! When we filmed the crucifixion scene, dark clouds rolled over the sunny sky and just as Jesus bowed His head and gave up His spirit, the light rain fell! And when we turned off the cameras, it stopped! Wow! Only God could do that.

Here are some more awesome shots taken in our video:

Alex Held as Jesus, the Good Shepherd

Alex Held as Jesus on the Cross

The Resurrection and the Life

We were seeking just the right voice for the Voice Over to be the voice of Almighty God. El Shaddai. YHWH. And we had our miracle! The very famous Gospel singer and inspirational speaker and author, Wintley Phipps performed the Voice Over for Yehduah! Go on YouTube and listen to him singing Amazing Grace!

We also have the Voice Over in Hebrew for the entirely Hebrew version of the video. Sivan Leoni, the former UH Volleyball star, who is now working in computer in Hawaii, but is native of Israel and has a wonderful voice, recorded this Voice Over. He speaks Hebrew as his mother tongue! It is very different from the English script but powerful beyond what I could ask or imagine! And when we finished recording and placed it in the places on the video where it belongs no adjustments were needed as it fit perfectly!

Your Team at the ICFF on the Gala Award Night

Your Team Receiving the Award for Most Inspirational Short Film

It is now Yehudah the Miracle. Nothing is impossible with God!

And now both the English and Hebrew versions are done! And we also have a version with French subtitles and soon will have a version with Chinese subtitles!

Our computer artist has done some amazing animation and effects beyond what I had imagined possible. Especially the Holy Spirit descending from the Hands of the Risen Christ at the throne of God and turning to wind as He comes to the earth and the descent of the New Jerusalem, the Heavenly City, coming to earth! And the universe shots as we come to the earth at the beginning and leave the earth at the end are breathtaking!

We entered the video as a submission under the category of Short Films to the International Christian Film Festival held in Orlando, Florida each year. Our video was selected to be included in the films at the Festival. Yehudah was also nominated for consideration for several awards. We were also the only Short Film chosen to be shown on the Gala Opening Night.

Our team attended the Festival from April 28 – April 30, 2016 and Yehudah won the awards of Best Short Film 2016 and Most Inspirational Short Film 2016! We are most blessed! God can do far beyond all we can ask or imagine.

And now Yehudah, the Son Born in Praise is live on YouTube in English, Hebrew and English with French subtitles!

Your Team with Best Short Film 2016 Award

May the Lion of the Tribe of Judah roar out in grace His final call. Hosea 11:8-10.

The prophecy and history of Judah is special to our amazing God, so special that in Revelation Jesus calls Himself the Lion of the Tribe of Judah and the Root of David. Revelation 5:5. He is the LORD (YHWH-three tenses together of the Hebrew verb “to be” meaning “I am, I was and I am to come” Rev. 1:8), the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. And that is His Name forever. Exodus 3:15.

Yeshuah. Salvation. Jesus is the Door. The door (dalet) in YHWH that spells Yehudah. The line through whom God became man and dwelt among us. Leah was a prophet when she named her son “Judah” (i.e., Yehudah). Did she know? It was before God revealed His Name to Moses . . .