Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me. Revelation 3:20.

For the mouth speaks out of that which fills the heart. Matthew 12:34.

You will also decree a thing, and it will be established for you; and light will shine on your ways. Job 22:28.

Then the Lord said to me, “You have seen well, for I am watching over My word to perform it.” Jeremiah 1:12.

Today your LORD (יהוה) God says:

I told Moses to raise up his staff. Not Mine. His. And when he stepped out in authority, I gave him My authority with which to make a way where there was no way. What have you got in your hand that I can work with to release My power on earth? Too many of you are sitting there or standing idle in the marketplace waiting for Me to move, but I can only move when you move. I have given you dominion over the works of My hands on the earth. It is true your life, breath and being depend on Me but I also depend on you. I have given mankind authority on earth and I cannot revoke it (My gifts and My call are irrevocable), but what you are doing with that authority depends on the allegiance of your heart and what you are declaring with your mouth. And the two should match.

It is by your heart that you connect with Heaven for faith is of the heart. The spirit of faith is a supernatural force. Your heart is the interface that joins Heaven and earth, that is, that brings My Kingdom into your life. And when you join with the Kingdom, your life will be transformed. Until your heart has joined with Mine, however, I cannot enter into your life. But this is true in any area of your life, where your heart is, there your treasure will be.

Within you there are two gates and you control them both. There is a gate into your inner man of the heart and there is a gate out of the inner man of your heart. The gate in is the one through which you align with either My Kingdom or the kingdom of darkness and the gate out controls which kingdom you release into the world. Both gates are very important and crucial in determining the quality and fruitfulness of your life. They are also crucial in how you impact the lives of others. And these two gates must line up or your life will be one of confusion and you will wander in the wilderness. You will either be an agent of My Kingdom on earth or an agent of the realm of darkness on earth. Your life will have a sovereign, you are dependent and not independent. If you come under My lordship, you will reign and thrive in a life filled with light and love. Under the domain of the devil, you will spend your life in slavery and survival filled with darkness and hate. You choose what is in you and what you release into the world by what you open your gates to, that is what and who you receive in and what and who you release out.

If you open the gate of the allegiance of your heart to Me, I  can come in and give you My divine life, My power, and give you the Kingdom of Heaven. Yes, that is the gate through which I become your LORD and dwell in your heart. Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me. Revelation 3:20. But if all you do is keep Me hidden in your heart and still speak words stout against Mine there will be no manifestation of My promises in your life. You will still be living a life that looks very similar to the life of an unbeliever though you are justified and righteous in your inner man, but your outer life is not matching up. The is not a doer of the Word but merely a hearer.

The key to the manifestation of My Kingdom in your life is what you release through the second gate, that is, the one that you open out to the world from your heart to release your authority into the realm of the earth by speaking My Word. Please understand what I am telling you. You must use this gate also if you are going to have My Kingdom manifest in your life. Faith must be in your heart and released with your mouth. Your mouth speaks from your heart’s abundance. Fill your heart with faith and then release that faith by speaking it. Speak the way you want things to be and not as they are.

When you open the gate of your heart to Me, you become a house of God, and when you open your gate out to the world to release My Words and power you become a gate of Heaven into the realm of the earth. You bring My Kingdom into the earth so My Will can be done on earth as it is in Heaven. And My Will is to BLESS you. And My BLESSING brings wealth and I add no sorrowful toil with it. Proverbs 10:22. Remember? I made covenant with Abraham and BLESSED him to be a BLESSING. The BLESSING comes in and gives you ALL sufficiency for everything you need and an abundance for EVERY good work. 2 Corinthians 9:8.

It is so important that you guard your gate in and your gate out. Guard what goes into your heart, keep careful watch at that gate and be so careful what you decree out of the gate of your mouth, for it is your words that release power into the world. And what evil you will release into the world if you are lined up with the kingdom of darkness instead of the kingdom of light! Death and life are in the power of YOUR tongue.

Do you understand now? Jacob spoke of a place being a house of God and a gate of heaven through which he saw Heaven and earth joined and the ladder going from Heaven to earth releasing My Heavenly Host into the earth. After Jesus died for you and made you a new creation, My house is not limited to one place where I have put My Name, everyone who connects with My Kingdom in the heart is born again with a living spirit and becomes a house of God and a gate of Heaven in the earth realm. But whether there is manifestation in your life and the world around you so that you become that BLESSING to all is dependent on what you release through your second gate that goes out into the world. That is the difference between an hearer only (faith comes by hearing and hearing My Word) and a doer of the Word. Faith without works is dead, it just stays in you and has no outward manifestation in your life. You must be BLESSED going in and BLESSED going out.

A witness speaks. And it is by the Blood of the Lamb and the WORDS of YOUR testimony that you overcome and undo the works of the devil in the world.

My desire is that all people be saved and come to know the truth. If you continue in My Word, you are truly My disciples, and then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free! And until you understand what I mean when I tell you that it has delighted Me to give you the Kingdom, you will not be free to enjoy life as you should. Information without revelation and manifestation is not power. By giving you the Kingdom, I have given you My authority in the earth. I will back you up with My power when you speak My Word.

Be aware of the devil’s tactics. Be on guard. Because just as you can become a house of God and a gate of Heaven in the earth, so also you can become a house of the devil and a gate of hell in the earth. It depends on which kingdom you have chosen to give the allegiance of your heart. You can be filled with light or filled with darkness, and if the light in you be darkness, how deep will that darkness be. Do not spend your short time on earth in darkness. And certainly do not spend eternity there! You do not have to. Wisdom is calling to you on all the crossroads and corners of your life. Heed her cry. And I have called you each by name. And I have given you My Name by which to be saved. And I am knocking on your gate. But so is the devil and he likes to force his way in. But if you submit to Me (My Word) and resist him, the thief must flee and he must pay you back seven-fold up to all the riches of his house! It is time for you to wake up from your slumber and step up to be the children of light I made you to be!

Heaven also has gates and so does hell. I tell you that Jesus is the gate that opens all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge, all My magnificent promises, and My divine and eternal life to you. And My Kingdom has gates, wonderful magnificent gates of pearl upon foundations of precious stones, and those gates face north, south, east and west and are open to you who enter with thanksgiving and songs of praise. And when you tithe unto your great High Priest, I open the floodgates of Heaven and pour out BLESSINGS that you cannot contain. Overflow. And if you stay in the Kingdom, the gates of hell cannot prevail against you.

But hell has a gate too. But that gate will never prevail against the seed of Abraham and the church of the firstborn—the Body of Christ. But be careful how you live and keep your gate shut to that stench which belches out of the jaws of hell. Keep your mind above where Christ is seated, and you who have received Him as Lord have been seated in and with Him, at My right hand. The place of authority and power. I have put My Words in your mouth, and covered you with the shadow of My hand, to establish and confirm and replenish the earth. Take up the sword of the Spirit and clear out the rubbish left from the curse and turn this place into a Garden of Eden. That was your original mandate, you know. I do not change My mind. And you can do it for I have given you My Spirit without measure. You determine how much power you are willing to release. Do  not mix the words of the world (words of defeat, complaint, anger, pain and condemnation) with the Words of Life (words of victory, praise, peace, healing, and justification by the Blood of Jesus). Be established in righteousness, because I gave you Mine, and then you will be far from oppression. Watch your Words. They are your very life and the life of those you speak into.

I love you. Release My Word, speak victory, speak healing, speak prosperity, speak success! Never let your heart get into allegiance with the kingdom of darkness or your life will be a zero and maybe less yet. But with Me, it will be a hundredfold and the double portion! You choose what you let in and what you release. Remember to watch over both your gates.