My beloved is like a gazelle or a young stag. Behold, he is standing behind our wall, He is looking through the windows, He is peering through the lattice. Song of Songs 2:9.

Now when Daniel knew that the document was signed, he entered his house (now in his roof chamber he had windows open toward Jerusalem); and he continued kneeling on his knees three times a day, praying and giving thanks before his God, as he had been doing previously. Daniel 6:10.

Then God said, “Let there be lights (luminaries) in the expanse of the heavens to separate the day from the night, and let them be for signs and for seasons and for days and years. Genesis 1:14.

Today your LORD (יהוה) God says:

I give you an open door and a window of time.

Many people think that window of time is set and you cannot do a thing about it. But that is not so. You control the time and what you do in that window of time. Make the most of your time. Redeem the time. The wicked cut their lives short.

Before each of you I set an open door to the Kingdom of Heaven, Jesus has opened it for all who receive Him and no man can close it. He is the door. And you can access the Kingdom by My Spirit even now. You can come with confidence to pray and receive mercy and find grace just when you need it. And I give each of you a window of time to live out your life in this world. In eternity there is no time, just perfect day, but here since I set it up, there is time, the days are measured by the sun and the nights by the moon. Genesis 1:14.

A window. Daniel was in exile but he opened the windows in his roof chamber toward Jerusalem, the place of My abode where I had put My Name, the place of his destination, the place where his heart was, his link to the Covenant. And looking out those open windows of faith he knelt down and prayed three times a day, praising and giving thanks. Daniel 6:10. And even though they threw him in a den of hungry lions they could not close his window of time. The window. Therefore if you have been raised up with Christ, keep seeking the things above, where Christ is, seated at My right hand. Set your mind on the things above, not on the things that are on earth. Colossians 3:1-2. Open the windows in your roof chamber towards the supernatural.

I told Noah to build a window in the top of the ark and to set the door of the ark in the side of it. Genesis 6:16. And after time when the waters of the flood began to decrease, it came about that Noah opened the window of the ark which he had made and let out a raven to fly across the earth to look for dry land. Genesis 8:6-7.

At this time you do not see Me but by faith you unite with Me. You look through the window of faith and you see things others do not. Like Elisha when all his servant could see was the enemy army surrounding them, but Elisha looking out the window of faith saw My vast army of hosts outnumbering the enemy. When you look through the window of faith you see beyond where the arrow can fly to victory, so open the window and shoot! 2 Kings 13:17.

Sin made a dividing wall between us, but behold! I am standing behind your wall, looking through the windows, open the windows of faith and you will see Me!

You look out a window of time, but what is it you are looking at? What is it you have opened to? To where have you set your sight? It must be a window of faith to see the impossible as possible in your window of time.

When people came to Jesus for a miracle, He told them that they would receive according to their faith. The power was there but nothing would manifest in them without connecting with My power by faith. You receive My promises according to your faith. Not according to your age or your bank account or your education or your good works. Faith dictates to time when something will happen. Faith can manipulate time. I created the sun and the moon and all the luminaries of the heavens to separate the day from the night, and for signs and for seasons and for days and years. Genesis 1:14. But I have given you rule and dominion over the works of My hands. Psalm 8:3-5. That includes the sun and moon and star of heaven.

Do you recall what Joshua did when he needed more daylight to win a battle over the enemy? In the day when the I delivered up the Amorites before the sons of Israel, Joshua spoke to Me and then he said, “O sun, stand still at Gibeon, and O moon in the valley of Aijalon.” Joshua 10:12. And that was all he needed to say, and the sun stood still, and the moon stopped, until Israel avenged themselves of their enemies. And the sun stopped in the middle of the sky and did not hasten to go down for about a whole day. And no else ever thought about doing that, though they have read what Joshua did. I am no respecter of persons, it is according to your faith. My power is always there for you but very few people utilize it as you could if they would look out the window of faith. But I tell you in My Word that there was no day like that before it or after it.

One man’s faith stopped the sun and the moon.

The prophet Isaiah gave Hezekiah a glimpse of the control of time by faith. Isaiah told Hezekiah that I had answered his prayer to heal him and I would add fifteen years to his life. I increased his window of time. Now Hezekiah said to Isaiah, “What will be the sign that the Lord will heal me, and that I shall go up to the house of the Lord the third day?” Isaiah said, “This shall be the sign to you from the Lord, that the Lord will do the thing that He has spoken: shall the shadow go forward ten steps or go back ten steps?” So Hezekiah answered, “It is easy for the shadow to decline ten steps; no, but let the shadow turn backward ten steps.” Isaiah the prophet cried to Me (notice Joshua too first spoke to Me), and I brought the shadow on the stairway back ten steps by which it had gone down on the stairway of Ahaz. 2 Kings 20:8-11. In other words, one man’s faith made time go back.

It is My power that does it but it is your faith that pulls it out from the Spirit realm to the physical realm. Without faith you can do nothing with My power.

What caused the healing of the Centurion’s servant? My power with his faith. What opened the door to Abraham to have a son at an old age? Faith.

Nothing is impossible to Me and everything is possible to the one who has faith in that. All things are possible to those who believe.

Faith is your profession. It is the way you get things done in your window of time that you have on earth before you pass through the open door, like Enoch did. But first he walked with Me for many years in his window of time. Nothing can stop faith—not time, not a mountain, not a tree, not an ocean, not a flood, not even death. Look at Jairus. He refused to let that be his daughter’s window of time, his faith engaged My power to raise her back to life. He redeemed the time by faith.

And so can you. Paul faced what looked like certain death many times, from stoning to shipwreck, to snake bites, but until he was ready to go through the open door nothing could cut off his life. He did not close his window of time until he said, “I have finished my race.” And he knew a crown awaited him.

It really is not over until you say it is over. Stephen as he was stoned called out to Me to receive his spirit and I took him. Paul when he was stoned was torn between going home with Me or remaining in his window of time, but he decided it was better for you all if he stayed longer in his window of time to instruct you in the gospel and convert the gentiles, so he got up and continued on though his attackers had left him for dead. Same in the shipwreck and after the poisonous snake bite. But he knew he still had work to do in his window of time before he went through the open door not to return.

What are you doing with your life in your window of time? Make it worthwhile. Be careful how you live. You want to receive your full reward. And many of you need more time to do that. Walk with Me so you can get to your final destination.

I love you. Open your windows to faith. Faith see things others don’t. Faith looks for the impossible in the eternal and brings it into the window of time. One person’s faith can save a nation. Look at Esther and you will understand. She was born for such a time as this. And so are you.