Then the LORD said to me, “You have seen well, for I am watching over My Word to perform it.” Jeremiah 1:12.

Today your LORD (יהוה) God (אלהים) says:

When one person says to another, “I give you my word.” What does that mean? It means they are swearing they are telling you the truth of the matter and what they are saying they will perform. I give you My Word as your inheritance and I watch over My Word to perform it. It is My Covenant with you. I have put My Words in your mouth and My Spirit in and on you. Your inheritance and your Covenant right.

“As for Me, this is My covenant with them,” says the LORD: “My Spirit which is upon you, and My words which I have put in your mouth shall not depart from your mouth, nor from the mouth of your seed, nor from the mouth of your seed’s seed,” says the LORD, “from now and forever.” Isaiah 59:21.

And My Words have power. They are Spirit and life. They are eternal and established forever. My Word is spoken and the Spirit hovers to bring that Word into manifestation.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was formless and void, and darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was moving over the surface of the waters. Then God said, “Let there be light”; and there was light. Genesis 1:1-3.

And that is the way I watch over My Word to perform it. By My Spirit.

Mary said to the angel, “How can this be, since I am a virgin?” 35 The angel answered and said to her, “The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you; and for that reason the holy Child shall be called the Son of God. And behold, even your relative Elizabeth has also conceived a son in her old age; and she who was called barren is now in her sixth month. For nothing will be impossible with God.” And Mary said, “Behold, the handmaid of the Lord; may it be done to me according to your word.” Luke 1:34-38.

My angel Gabriel gave My Word to Mary but the Spirit, though He hovered, could not perform My Word until she spoke in agreement with the Word. And then the Word became flesh and dwelt among you.

I have put My Words in your mouth and covered you with the shadow of My hand, the Holy Spirit, My hand of power. And if you will agree with Me and speak My Words you can plant the Kingdom of Heaven on the earth and establish it on the earth. Isaiah 51:16.

In the beginning was the Word and that is still the same with every beginning and anything that does not begin with My Word is not worth pursuing. Any other word is an idle word. Why? It will not go to work for you.

“Take to your heart all the words with which I am warning you today, which you shall command your sons to observe carefully, even all the words of this law. For it is not an idle word for you; indeed it is your life. And by this word you will prolong your days in the land, which you are about to cross the Jordan to possess.” Deuteronomy 32:46-47.

My Word is living and working. If you plant it in your heart it will grow a harvest. When you speak it with your mouth you will harvest what was grown within without. Not by human power or might but by My Spirit. The Spirit of faith is you believe in your heart and speak with your mouth. Believing My Word in your heart puts you right with Me and speaking with your mouth brings salvation, every situation.

I share everything I AM and have with you and to heal you and deliver you from destruction I give you My Word and in giving you My Word I give you power. And in that Word is My faith, My thoughts, and My ways. They are all in My Word. My Word sustains all things and nothing came into being that was not first spoken by My Word. My Word sustains all things.

My Words are life to those who find them and health to all their bodies.  If you have My Word you have all you need.  In My Word are all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.

My Word gives you My mind, My will, My character, and My direction.  Make it the foundation of your life.  Other things will change and fade away but My Word will not, it is forever.

Everything was made by My Word.  In all things the tiniest unit is a sound wave.  That is why all things still move at My Word.  They were made with it and they recognize it.  That is why when you speak out My Words with faith things move.

Learn and remember this:  All things were made by My Word and still respond to My Word.

That is why My Son spoke to mountains, fig trees, fevers, and storms.  You can do the same.

My Word of power sustains the universe even now.

You can depend on My Words, My promises, My Covenant with you.  When I say I am your Healer, I AM.  You can count on that.  When I say I am your provider, I AM, you can count on that.  You have nothing to fear.

My Word cleanses you.  My Son told His disciples that they were clean from the Word He had spoken to them.  If you have gotten filthy from sin and lust get under My Word, read it, hear it, meditate on it and it will wash you clean within and become a fountain of purity and life within you.

My Word heals you.  My Word gives you wisdom and understanding.  My Word sheds light.  My Word is a lamp to your feet and a light to your eyes.  My Words give life.  My Words give joy and peace.

One Word from Me can change your life forever.  It did for Abraham.  It did for Moses.  It did for Joshua.  It did for John the Baptist.  My Word came to him in the desert and called him out to usher in the Messiah.  To many My Word came in a desert place, in a barren time.  My Word came to Isaac in a famine and the seed he sowed in that land yielded a hundred fold! You may need a Word from Me now.  Ask Me for it.  I know how to speak a Word to the weary that will rouse them.

And every Word from Me is a Word of love, for I am love and I only speak in love.

My Word is food for your spirit.  It is written that man does not live on bread alone but on every word that comes from My mouth.  My Word feeds your spirit just as material food feeds your physical body.  Just as you must eat to have strength and be healthy physically so you must “eat” My Word to be strong and healthy spiritually.  My Words are spirit and life.

And how do you eat My Word?  By hearing it, by speaking it, by reading it, and by doing it.  It enters your spirit in this way and renews your mind.  My prophet Jeremiah devoured My Words when he found them and they became the joy of His life.

But My Words not only feed your spirit, they also give health to your physical body.  Proverbs 4:22.  You see it is the spirit that gives life, the flesh is useless.  Unless your spirit is strong, you will not be strong.

When you are filled with My Word you are filled with light, love and peace.  This light radiates throughout your body.  Remember how radiant the face of Moses became when he heard My Words and conversed with Me?  Yes, your whole body will be filled with light as when a lamp shines upon you.  The light of love and joy overflowing.  For My Words are sweet, sweeter than honey dripping from the comb.

Read My Word, meditate on it, speak it, listen to it, let it sink into your heart.  My Word in your heart will keep you from sin.  And it will make you more than a conqueror.  Why?  Things move at My Word.  They respond to the Words of their Maker.

I cannot tell you enough the importance of My Word in your life.  It is established forever and it will not change.  You can depend on it.  You can build your life on it.  And you will not be disappointed.  Guaranteed.  I stand behind My Words and keep them.  I watch over My Word to perform it.

Return My Word to Me by speaking it out in prophecy over your life, your family, your nation, the world and you will never be disappointed.  My Word is fruitful when planted, it is living, imperishable seed, and it will produce.  Never despair in trial, attack it with My Word.

My Word is a powerful weapon, sharper than any two edged sword.  It is the sword of the spirit that you must wield against the devil to stop him in his tracks.  Just follow the example of My Son, when the devil throws a thought at you that is contrary to My Word, just quote the Words of My Covenant with you, from both the Old and the New Testament, and he cannot contradict My promises.  You cannot curse what I have blessed.

My Word is also the sword that reveals the intentions of your heart so that you can discern whether something is from Me or yourself.  Divide things with My Word to find out if they are genuine or are deceit.  I cannot be proved false for My Word is truth.

Do not neglect My Word.  In My Word you have healing, salvation, strength, protection, wisdom, understanding, direction, correction, inspiration, provision, and power.  You can rearrange your circumstances by speaking My Word with faith.  You can drive out darkness and resist the devil so that he has to flee.  But you must be serious about reading the Bible every day.  Most of you would not go a day without eating and certainly not a week or a month or a year.  You would not last long.  But some people, even those who believe in Me, go years without reading My Word.  Their Bibles, if they have them, are like new (except for the dust).

And for My Words to work in your life and be effective, you must do them.  You must live them.  You must practice them and not just say them.  You must make My Word your highest authority for it to work for you the way it is designed to do.  Blessed and happy is the one who hears My Word and puts it into practice, that one is like unto a wise man that built his house on a solid rock foundation.  When the storms came, and they will come, his home was not even shaken.  You can take an unshakeable stand on My Word and see My promises come to pass in your life.  It is by faith and patience that you inherit My promises and if you draw back I take no pleasure in it because then I cannot reward you and bring the great result you need.

I am the God of the breakthrough.  2 Samuel 5:20.  But you only get your breakthrough by listening and following My Word.

I want to share My joy with you so your joy may be complete—lacking in nothing. Those who seek Me want for no good thing.  Psalm 34:10(11).

Look to Me that you may be radiant with joy and your faces may not blush for shame.  Psalm 34:5(6).

And where do you seek Me?  Where do you look at Me?  Where am I revealed to you?  In My Word.  I revealed (manifested) Myself to Samuel at Shiloh through My Word.  1 Samuel 3:21.  And My Word became flesh and dwelt among you and you have seen My glory, for in seeing Him, you are seeing Me.

Jeremiah wrote that when he found My Words he devoured them; they became the joy and delight of his heart. Jeremiah 15:16.

My Word gives joy to those who hear it.  My Word gives life to those who find it and is health to all your flesh.

I send My Word to heal you and deliver you from all destruction. Psalm 107:20.  And that gives you joy.

One Word from Me can turn you mourning into dancing and your ashes into beauty.  My Word gives joy.

And I am joyful.  The reward I give to the good and faithful servant is to come and share My joy—to enter into My joy.  Matthew 25:23.

My joy is your fortress and your strength.  Nehemiah 8:10.  And I strengthen you by My Word.  Psalm 119:28.  When all looked hopelessly lost in David’s life and that of his companions, he encouraged and strengthened himself in My Word and he became strong to go after his enemies and recover all.  1 Samuel 30:6.

My Word is a lamp unto your feet and a light unto your path.  It is like a light in a dark place that leads you into perfect day.  And there is joy in the light.  At nightfall weeping enters in, but with the morning comes joy.

I am love and I am light.  I revealed both of these truths to the disciple who focused on My love for him and not on his love for Me.  John called himself the beloved disciple and he became strong and invincible—more than a conqueror.

Love gives joy and so does light.  Splendor and majesty go before Me and praise and joy are in My holy place.  2 Chronicles 16:27.

In Jesus I have made you righteous with My own righteousness and My righteousness gives you joy.   Psalm 145:7.  And a cheerful heart is a good medicine, giving health and healing to your body.  Proverbs 17:22; Proverbs 15:13.

With joy you will draw water at the springs of salvation (Yeshuah).  Drink the living water of the Holy Spirit that My Son offers you and you will have joy unspeakable and filled with glory.  It will bubble up like a fountain in you and flow out in rivers to a world thirsting for joy.

My Word is your source of joy.  These things I have spoken to you so that My joy may be in you and your joy may be made full.  John 15:11.  And I give you that joy in Jesus, a joy which no one can take from you, for He has risen from the dead and lives forever in glory at My right hand interceding for you as your Great High Priest and your representative before Me as the mediator of the New and eternal Covenant of love.  And as He is so are you in this world.

There is fullness of joy in My presence, the delights at My right hand forever.  And where is My presence?  In your heart by My Holy Spirit if you have received Jesus as your Lord and the Holy Spirit guides you to all truth.  And My Word is truth.  And every word in the Bible is Spirit breathed, so My Holy Spirit will always open My Word to you.  And He does not talk of Himself, He testifies to Jesus.  The Bible is a book about Jesus, My gift to you, from beginning to end.  He is the beginning and the end. He is the Aleph and the Tav.  He is My Word by whom I made all that is made.

Begin hearing and reading My Word looking for Jesus and you will have joy. Your heart will burn with it and your life will become filled with joy and the Holy Spirit.  Do you remember that the disciples, after Jesus rose from the dead and ascended into Heaven, went telling the Good News of grace and sharing the revelation of My Word made flesh?  And they could not but be filled with joy and the Holy Spirit?  Acts 13:52.  Why?  Read back to Acts 6:4 and you will find the answer.  They devoted themselves to prayer and the ministry of My Word.

It is My Word alone that gives true joy that endures forever.  Do you remember when Philip went to Samaria?  He proclaimed My Word of Jesus to them and with one accord they paid attention to his words and when they heard My Word through Philip and saw the signs that followed and confirmed it, there was great joy in that city.  Acts 8:8.  And before there had not been.

And then you find Philip taken by the Spirit to the desert road from Jerusalem to Gaza to explain the good news of Jesus from My Word in the prophet Isaiah to the Ethiopian court official traveling on the desert route to return to his country.  And the Ethiopian court official is so excited he asks Philip to get out of the chariot with him and baptize him in a place where there is water along the road.  And this gave the Ethiopian official such joy that he continued on his way rejoicing.  Before he had been confused but once My Word was opened to him he had joy and went about rejoicing.  Acts 8:39.  He knew he was saved and freed from all sin forever.

Redemption gives you joy.  Jesus has redeemed you from the curse of the law.  Jesus came not to be served but to serve, to give His life as a ransom for many.  There is cause for rejoicing here.

Even the angels know it. Remember the night My Son came into the world as one of you?  The night sky lit up with My glory over the Shepherds’ field in Bethlehem and the angel declared tidings of great joy for all people for a Savior had been born to you who was both Messiah (the anointed one) and God.  Luke 2:10.

A baby wrapped in swaddling clothes laid in the manger (the Tower of the Flock, where the Passover lambs were born and raised) in the House of Bread (Bethlehem).  And He was and is a bundle of joy.  Joy to the world.

A people walking in darkness have seen a great light.  And light gives joy.  It produces every kind of goodness and gives revelation and knowledge.

Let Me light your life with My joy.  Come share your Master’s joy!  And where do you find it?  In My Word.  And My Word is Jesus.  Salvation.

There is joy and peace in believing.  Romans 15:13.  And faith comes by hearing, hearing My Word.

You will only find joy in My Word so that your joy may be complete and full.  So you may know the abundant life that Jesus (My Word) came to give you.  Will you receive Him?

Let Me share My joy with you so your joy may be full!

I love you.  Speak My Word and use the Name I have given you by which you are saved, Jesus.  All creation will respond. These are your inheritance.