Know well the condition of your flocks, pay attention to your herds. Proverbs 27:23.

Today your LORD (יהוה) God says:

When you own something you don’t beg for it. You just take it and use it without worry and without fear. You own it so it is yours and if someone tries to take it away, you will fight for it, even going to court if you have to in order to have it restored to you as its rightful owner. No one has a right to take something you own without your permission. And you have full control over things you own. You don’t beg to put on your clothes each morning, you just decide what you want to wear and pull it out of your closet and put it on. You need no one’s permission to take and use what is your own.

I have given you the Kingdom. Have you never read, “Do not live in fear, little flock, it has delighted your Father to give you the kingdom.” Luke 12:32. Jesus told you this and He is My Word and I speak to you directly through Him. In seeing Him, you see Me. I have given you the Kingdom. And in My Kingdom is everything I have. I also gave you My Son and I have put in His hands all that is Mine. And in Him, I have made all the magnificent promises I make in My Word “yes” to you. You are heir of the world, which I made for the children of men, and you are the owner of every good thing and perfect gift that comes down from Me, from My Kingdom, and is in My Son, which includes all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. But many of you are acting like beggars who own nothing, similar to the prodigal son’s elder brother who acted like a begging slave but in reality he was with his Father always and EVERYTHING the Father had was his, he only needed to take it, use it, put it on, and consider and treasure it as his own.

In My Kingdom there is healing, and I promise you healing, so you own healing. Thus, you should not fear when an illness, disease, or infection comes against you and tries to invade your body, you own healing, it was bought and paid for so you would be its owner by the painful scourging of My Son, and can just pull it out of your abundant storehouse (in Christ) and put it on and be healed and healthy. In My Kingdom there is no pain, and Jesus paid the price by bearing your pains, so you own freedom from pain, it is legally yours, bought and paid for and in your account. So just arrest the illegal activity and take what you own.

In My Kingdom there is righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit. And I have told you that in Christ I have taken away your sins and given you My righteousness. So never say you are not righteous, for you own My righteousness, and there is none higher. There is peace in the Kingdom, perfect peace, and Jesus gave you that peace, so you own peace. Be anxious for nothing, pull out your peace and put in on. And what do you have to be anxious about when you own the Kingdom? There is plenty in the Kingdom and more than plenty. Even when you have all you can hold there are still twelve baskets full left over, and even more, as many as the containers you bring.

And there is fullness of joy in the Kingdom—pure joy with no sorrow in it. And I anointed Jesus with the oil of joy and His anointing flows on you as a member of the Body of Christ, the anointed one. And He gave you His joy by sharing My Word with you so that your joy would be full, running over and anointing others too. Next time your emotions try to make you say you are sad, sorrowful and wretched, one to be pitied, just go to your rich storehouse, your Kingdom account—which you own—and put on the oil of joy, it has a lovely, heavenly fragrance!

And in My Kingdom there is justice. No weapon formed against you will prosper and every tongue raised against you, you will prove false, for I AM your righteousness and I will vindicate you. I will give you words and a wisdom no one can take exception to or contradict. Why? Because I have given you the Kingdom and you own all that is in it. Established in righteousness (remember, you own it) you are far from oppression.

When you already own something you do not worry about obtaining it. That would be foolish. You already have full right to possession and use. You don’t keep working hard to earn something you own. What would be the point? A useless waste of time. And yet many people are wasting precious time doing dead works to obtain My favor by obtaining their own righteousness when they could spend that time taking what they own and using it to do mighty works for the Kingdom to increase My authority on earth and set others free to Kingdom living. If you are begging Me to heal you and “trying” to be “good” to earn My approval you have no idea of what you own or who you are in Christ. You have no idea of the good I have stored up for you that I gave you in Christ Jesus. You do not understand that you are forgiven and your sins and offenses I remember no more. You do not know who you are in Christ and all I have freely given you in and with Him. I gave you My Son and with Him I gave you everything besides, including My Holy Spirit to dwell in you and be with you forever.

I fill your day with good things. If you will let Me. They are yours already, remember? I have given you My Son and I have given you My Kingdom in Him. Look for good things each day and expect them. You won them already, I prepared a life of good needs for you in advance in Him that you might enjoy your life and be BLESSED all the days of time and the day of eternity.

If you know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more I will give them to you. For I made everything and I can do anything. Nothing is too hard for Me. Nothing is impossible for Me. And I have entrusted to your dominion the work of My hands.

When I told Sarah that I would give her the desire of her heart and she would have a baby by the next year she laughed at the impossibility of it. But I asked why she laughed. She denied doing it, but she had. But I asked her why she would laugh—nothing is too hard for Me. If I tell you something, no matter how impossible it looks, if you will only believe that it is yours then you will see it come to pass. Most of you never take advantage of so many of My promises because you don’t understand what I have given you already from the moment you received My Son as Lord (it is then you are justified and legally receive the Kingdom) and they seem impossible to you, so you do not call them in. You simply do not take and use what you have. You won healing and can apply it any time, but so many sit and beg Me for healing when they already own it. Strange. You still do not know what you have. What would you think of an owner of a business who had never taken inventory and kept no records of what was his? Or a rancher who did not know the number of his herds and flocks? Or a landowner that had no idea of the area of his land? And yet many of you have no idea of what it means that I have given you My Son and given you the Kingdom, you have never taken inventory so you think you own nothing when you are rich beyond measure.

I give life to the dead and call into being that which does not exist. You call things into being all the time. If you want a pizza, you can call in and order a pizza delivery and soon it manifests in a delivery to your home. You called it in. You call your cat, your dog, even your children to come home and they come. You call them to come for dinner, and they come. You call for a cab and numerous other things, and they come.

Well, I already paid the price in Jesus for your healing, your redemption, your forgiveness of sins, your freedom from shame and guilt, and eternal life. All you have to do is call it into your life because you own it already. If you don’t call upon it, it won’t necessarily come. I want you to call in every one of My promises and enjoy them yourself for they are already yours and are all “yes” to you as owner in Christ Jesus.

Taste and see My goodness, happy the man who takes refuge in Me, for I am with you always and you are with Me always, and EVERYTHING I have is yours. I held nothing back from you for I have an infinite supply. I am not worried it will ever run dry. I just say the Word because I own it all. And I have given it all to you when you come under My authority by taking My Son as your Lord. Your part is to keep My Word, to renew your mind to not conform to the world—for I have called you apart to be holy and given you the grace to be so. Remain, continue, live, abide in My Words, do not turn aside from them, and you will be sanctified by the truth and the truth will set you free. If you have never bn perfected in truth, you will have fear and you will beg for things you already own instead of taking them and applying them. When you know the truth, that is, that in Christ I have given you the Kingdom, it set you free to be the saint I called you to be. If you are still basing you life on the law of sin and death, you will be fearful, but I have set you free from that by the law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus. That is the law you must operate under now. It is as different from the law of sin and death as the law of lift and thrust is from the law of gravity. Under one you plod along on the ground, weary and worn, under the other you fly through the skies above the clouds to you destination swiftly in the flow of the wings of the wind. You choose. Death and life are in the power of your tongue, but it all starts by renewing your mind to know what you own. What you already own you don’t beg for and you don’t work to earn it.

I love you. Do you still not understand? Come with confidence to the throne of grace and take what is yours with thanksgiving and joy. With joy you will draw water from the springs of Salvation. Why? You own it.