I am the vine, you are the branches; he who abides in Me and I in him, he bears much fruit, for apart from Me you can do nothing. John 15:5

I can do all things in Him who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13.

With Your help I have the strength of an army and by My God, I can leap over a wall. Psalm 18:29.

“Pardon me, Lord,” Gideon replied, “but how can I possibly save Israel? My family group is the weakest in the tribe of Manasseh. And I’m the least important member of my family.” But the LORD said to him, “Surely I will be with you and you will defeat Midian as one man.” Judges 6:16.

And looking at them Jesus said to them, “With people this is impossible, but not with God, with God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26.

Today your LORD (יהוה) God says:

You can do nothing without Me. Nothing fruitful, nothing perfect, nothing good. If you choose to live a life without Me it will be a “zero.” I mean as far as an impact for good, for blessing, for growth, for edification, for victory. Do you know why? There are only two choices—death or life—and there are only ultimately two masters and you serve one or the other, but not both. One master is the devil (also known as mammon and idolatry), who is absolute evil, and the other master is Me, the Most High, Love and Light, and the Only One that is absolute good. You choose, but My Son has brought the devil to naught. In other words, he is a “zero,” and you become just like the master you serve. That is a natural and spiritual law. If the head of the household is Beelzebub, that will be the characteristic of all in the house who choose to remain there. And you receive the judgment of the one you choose as master, whether it be the Lord Jesus Christ or the “god” of this world, Satan, that ancient serpent also known as the devil. It is entirely up to you. You cannot serve two masters, though many today are trying to serve the devil and Me. But we are exclusive of one another, not inclusive. As Elijah told the people of Israel, you cannot straddle the fence, you have to choose Me or the devil, there is no middle ground.

Adam fell from grace and became weak and mortal, that is, subject to death. And the way he did it was by taking the devil as his lord. You are under the jurisdiction of the one you obey and the word you believe and act upon. Adam reached out to be sovereign and act in his own strength and knowledge but he found that unto himself he was not sufficient to empower his life on his own authority. He sought to be his own righteousness by his works and not by tapping into Mine, which  I had freely given him. You are of the God class and I have given you dominion over the earth and over your own life choices, but you have to have a source of power to be fruitful, My Son likened it to a branch remaining in the vine. Without being attached to the vine, its source of power, it will wither up and die and bear no fruit. But it is good to tap into a source that will never end and can move mountains and rearrange molecules and produce goodness, beauty, and organization beyond all you can ask or imagine. And that you will only find in Me. None is good, I mean absolute goodness, except Me, and so are you in Me. Totally united with Me you cannot really tell us apart. Just as the branch of a grapevine becomes so entwined with the vine it is hard to tell which is which until the grapes appear.

My Son calls you back to resting in the vine and producing fruit without toil, without anxiety. My power will rest on you in Jesus when you remain in My Word and My Word remains in you. The entrance of My Word gives light, and when you walk in the light you have fellowship (partnership) with Me and with My Son. And Spiritual laws will rearrange and change what is temporal and subject to physical laws. And My Spiritual laws are all found in My Word.

You can do nothing fruitful without Me, but the good news is you do not have to do anything without Me. I will never leave you or forsake you and when you seek Me you will find Me right there with you, and I reward those who seek Me. My Son is with you always and My Spirit is in you and on you forever when you have been born again by receiving My Son as your Lord and Savior. I have transferred you out of darkness into My own marvelous light, so live as children of the light and do not return to the realm of darkness. Do everything with Me and nothing without Me. And I am love. So do everything with love and you will not just be a clanging symbol and your life will not be a useless, fruitless tree. My Words are sweeter than honey dripping from the comb and a soothing tongue filled with My Word is a tree of life, but perversion in it crushes the spirit. Proverbs 15:4. The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, and he who is wise wins souls. Proverbs 11:30.

Efforts to serve Me on your own strength are fruitless toil, it will make your life burdensome and difficult, impossible to attain. Gideon at first thought I was telling him to go and conquer the huge Midian army in his own strength and it caused him extreme anxiety and fear. But I told him that I would be with him and that was sufficient to bring down not only the entire Midian army but also all the other enemy armies that had banded with them against Israel to plunder it. I told Paul the same about his thorn in the flesh (the old man rising up to try to be his own righteousness and control you with emotions and lusts), My grace is sufficient for you to walk in the spirit and not in the flesh, but as long as the people of Israel looked at themselves and their limited power and resources they hid in fear from the enemy and the enemy plundered them, though it should not have been that way, but they permitted it not knowing their Covenant with Me or putting it to work in their lives. Instead they should have drawn on their Covenant rights and benefits as David knew to do when he faced the giant Goliath with only a sling shot, and just one shot with one stone was sufficient when shot by a Covenant man and it put all the evil force to flight.

Now, if instead of looking at yourself and your impossible circumstances in the physical realm, you begin working from your position seated with Christ on His throne above in Heaven, receiving direction and leading from your good Shepherd and My Spirit within you, leading you to all truth and the wisdom and understanding to apply it, then your life will become that life which is life indeed. See everyone and everything as a beautiful opportunity for reward, growth, and being My agent and ambassador for change. Everything each day can become an assignment for you as a member of the Body of Christ, that is a CIA agent, “Christ in Action” agent. Do the works of Jesus and greater by My Spirit and faith in His Name. You change the temporal by the spiritual. Faith-filled words control and dominate the natural circumstances, and that can go another way too. Fear-filled words will bring upon you just what you fear and fill your life with anxiety and stress, you will feel no ease. Just ask Job.

Stop looking so hard at others, what they have, what they suffer, how defeated they are, or how great their earthly wealth, all that matters for you is your relationship with Me and taking all your inheritance. Never let others ruin your relationship with Me whether it be by abuse, flattery, or just horrible example. Your business is to follow Me and intercede for them too.

You are not orphans. You are My children in Christ. My Spirit within you witnesses to this with your spirit. In Covenant I have espoused you to Me forever in faithfulness and love. I have made you My heirs, and more than that, I have made you joint heirs with Christ, and all I have is His and He has died and the I raised Him to execute His own Will, the New Testament and that includes all the promises of the Old and better ones, in which He gave you all that is His, and everything I have is His, so all I have is yours. I have assured you that I am pleased to give you the Kingdom.

So read the Bible and see it as the reading of the Will where you are the beneficiary of every promise therein, no matter how many, no matter how magnificent. All are yours in Christ. So walk in a manner worthy of the inheritance you have received. You are a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people set apart by your Father who loves you and gave His Son for you, for I was in Christ reconciling the world to Myself not counting your sins against you but imputing them all to My Son. Stop working on your own and take your inheritance. It is kept for you in Heaven where no moth or rust corrode and no thief breaks in to steal. It is not subject to the ups and downs of the stock market but is unshakeable. And each good work you do and every tithe and offering you sow enlarges your account. And please make withdrawals all the day and night just when you need it. It is yours, take it by faith as I release it by grace.

I love you. You are with Me always and all I have is yours. In Me and with Me you can do anything, nothing is impossible to those who believe. Never do anything without Me, do everything with Me and enjoy your day. Rejoice, again I say rejoice! I am there with you and when I am with you nothing and no one can be against you and stand.