Thus says the Lord, your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel, “I am the LORD your God, who teaches you to profit, Who leads you in the way you should go. Isaiah 48:17.

“Give, and it will be given to you. They will pour into your lap a good measure—pressed down, shaken together, and running over. For by your standard of measure it will be measured to you in return.” Luke 6:38.

Today your LORD (יהוה) God says:

I am your healer and the power of My Spirit is in you to heal. That is between Me and you and happens without the aid of anyone else. But I teach you to profit. I prosper the work of your hands. I told the servants to invest the talents I had given them. You receive your healing but Jesus told Peter to go fish to catch the fish with the money in its mouth to pay the taxes. He told him to cast his nets into the deep to pull out a catch that brought in far more than he had ever earned fishing before, and that was his profession. I tell you to give and it will be given you, that THEY will pour into your lap a good measure—pressed down, shaken together, and running over. Prosperity involves other people, it involves the market place. It involves service or a product or both. Healing does not. Both are received and operate from one source of power, which resides in Me and in the Word that emanates from Me but do not get the ways you receive mixed up.

When the widow came to Elisha, she was deeply in debt with her children about to be sold as slaves to pay off her deceased husband’s creditors. Elisha did not hand her a nice big amount of money. No, he told her to go engage in commerce, that is, to get as many containers as she could and fill them with the oil she had, which was not much, but it multiplied as she poured and proved to be sufficient for every good work. And then he told her to go sell the oil. Commerce. She had a benefit to sale and the person who bought got a benefit and blessed her also. But it all came from a word from Me through the prophet and My power to multiply, but she had to partner with Me.

Moses told the Israelites, “But you shall remember the LORD your God, for it is He who is giving you power to make wealth, that He may confirm His covenant which He swore to your fathers, as it is this day.” Deuteronomy 8:18. Resurrection power is from Me and I have put it in you. I give you the power to make wealth. I give you creative ideas, skills, and I prosper the work of your hands. I give you talents to invest and not to hide under a bushel basket. I give you a unique gift to use in ministering to others. My apostle Paul told the thieves to stop stealing and work with their hands so that they had something to share with those in need. Wealth confirms My Covenant. For I have promised you that if you meditate on My Word day and night you will make your way successful and prosperous, Joshua 1:8; Psalm 1, so that you have more than enough for yourself and an overflow for every good work. Without provision, you have no vision.

Let Me teach you how to profit and the way you should go. I only go one way, and that is the way of love. The greatest one among you is the one who serves the rest. The work of your hands should provide some kind of product or service that ministers to others. Farming and fishing obviously provide nourishment and sustenance for all. But all sorts of employment provide service or goods for others. From car salesmen to lawyers. From cooks to teachers. From artists to musicians. From janitors to managers. From dancers to singers. From nurses to personal trainers. Most businesses are there to provide a service or goods. That is the market place. Some services and products are evil, such as pornographic magazines, books, movies, and shows, but I am not talking about those as being fruitful endeavors, those are just evil and they draw weak people to evil lives where the devil can steal, kill and destroy their destinies. Those kinds of products do not benefit or serve others, they destroy them. You cannot be out just to increase yourself through any means, evil or good, you must work with the idea of providing good for others. And if that is the way you work, then I promote you. If I can trust you in little things, I can entrust you with greater things. Like Joseph. He was faithful as a slave in Potiphar’s house, as a prisoner in a dungeon, and as a helper to his masters and to others in those institutions, and I promoted him to ruling a kingdom and saving the lives of all the people of Egypt and the Middle East. I know the kind of men I choose. Many are called but few are chosen. Why? Because few pass the test of little things and I cannot entrust them with greater. So to prosper greatly you first have to learn how to be faithful in little things, to operate in honor and integrity. Joseph honored Me and he also honored and prospered those who had authority over him on earth, from his father, Jacob, to Potiphar, to the chief jailer, to Pharaoh. If you cannot be trustworthy with someone else’s money, who will give you what is your own? You don’t need to take other people’s wealth or goods, there is plenty to go around for everyone with an abundance left over and an ever-increasing flow. Never take other peoples’ things, trust Me to give you your own. Do not fight over inheritances, get your own wealth. I have more than enough for everyone. I have already BLESSED you with every spiritual blessing in Heaven and put into your account everything you need for life and godliness, you have only to draw it out by faith. And I bless you to be a blessing, to have all you need and an abundance for EVERY good work.

I taught Jacob how to prosper even though Laban kept trying to cheat him out of his wages. I gave him a dream of how to mate the flock to produce sheep and goats for him that were strong and robust. I showed him how to make wealth and how to profit. I had shown the same to his father, Isaac. I showed him how to plant in famine time by opening for him underground wells and he reaped a hundredfold in one year. And what did that do? He had food to sell while others were starving. He had a great advantage in the market place but his abundance fed many, so much so that when they drove him out by jealousy they had to ask him back for blessing to flow.

And Joseph. When Pharaoh put him in charge of the crops and grain in the years of abundance, he stored up so much gain that he stopped counting. And what happened in the years of famine? He sold it to the people of Egypt and the people who came from other countries around Egypt. He made a great amount of money and acquired properties and cattle for Pharaoh, his employer. He made Pharaoh wealthy and Pharaoh in turn rewarded Joseph and made him wealthy. Prosperity is not something you can do all alone. It takes others that I give you favor with.

Now I will tell you the mechanics of how to prosper: Prosperity, as everything good, has its source in Christ, who is My Word. He became a curse for you and redeemed you so that the BLESSING of Abraham has come upon you and the promise of the Spirit by faith. He emptied Himself and became poor so that through His poverty you might become rich. Like the branch on the vine, like the tree rooted in fertile soil, you draw all you need out of Him. In Him you find all treasures of wisdom and knowledge. In Him I have given you everything. You draw everything out of Christ. Every good and perfect gift comes down from Me to you through Him. You live and reign in life through Him. You live your life through Him. He became poor (emptied Himself) so you might become rich by His poverty. This is grace. The BLESSING of the LORD makes rich and I add no sorrowful toil with it. You draw ideas, riches, wisdom, knowledge out of Jesus. In Him you are BLESSED.

So what do you do? How do you draw it? With joy you will draw water from the springs of Yeshuah, salvation, but that is also the Name of Jesus in Hebrew. You draw with joy, but you must draw it out. With praise, with thanksgiving, with tongues.

Do whatever He tells you. John 2:5. That changed water into the finest wine and that is prosperity.

How do you prosper? Now we will get down to the mechanics, the operation, of how you prosper. As you received Christ so walk in Him. How did you receive salvation? You believed in your heart and spoke it with your mouth. Romans 10:9-10. Jesus is the High Priest of your confession (words of agreement with His) and your good Shepherd. He guides you in right paths for His Name’s sake. He shows you how. He told Peter: Go fish, cast your net off the starboard side—He worked with Peter’s skills and gifts. Bring what you have to Me through Jesus and put it in My hands and I will direct your steps.

Actually prosperity and good health are related as are forgiveness and healing. All are drawn out of Christ and received when you receive Him. I desire above all things that you prosper and be in good health, even as your soul prospers. All operate on the same principal, that is, believe in your heart and speak with your mouth. YOU WILL NEVER PROSPER UNTIL YOU SEE YOURSELF PROSPEROUS IN THE MIRROR OF MY WORD AND DECLARE YOURSELF PROSPEROUS. Jesus is My Word. Keep your eyes on Him and they are on My Word. See yourself in Him. I have sealed you in Him and clothed you in Him.

Yes, it all starts by the vision of prosperity and proclaiming it as already yours. By your words you are declared righteous and by your words you are condemned. Declare yourself guided, declare yourself rich and BLESSED. Let the weak say, “I am strong.” This is the same principal. Stop saying you are broke and can’t afford it. Do not be foolish and spend what you have not yet, but don’t declare it gone already. It all begins in the image in your heart—your picture, your vision. Do not see yourself as a grasshopper or you will live like one. That is why the Israelites that I redeemed out of Egypt failed to take their promised land, their self-image was grasshoppers and they saw the enemy as giants. So they did not prosper. They still saw themselves as slaves. Even though I gave them riches and delivered them from slavery they never changed their inner self-image.

Write down your vision and run with it. Live by faith. Jesus became poor so you can become rich with the resources He gives you. You are BLESSED from the start.

It begins by an image which fills your heart and then the declaration of what you see. Then you can proceed in the direction I give you. And I will if you listen and keep your eyes on Me, you can walk out on the water.

All starts with the Word. In the beginning was the Word. That is where your prosperity begins. And if you recall, everything that was made was made by My Word. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things came into being through Him, and apart from Him nothing came into being that has come into being.” John 1:1-3.

Prosperity begins by you believing that you have it. And when you believe it you will declare it. You are rich and you are BLESSED. Begin telling yourself that and you will frame your world by your words, and it is My Words that have the power to create. Agree with Me! I call you rich, BLESSED, and a blessing to the whole world. Read the first words I said to Abraham, to Moses, to Gideon, to Zachariah, to Mary, and so many others, and you will find they are about prosperity and victory. You must speak the same.

Recognize the good things you have in you that I gave you when you were saved. I speak of the Word of faith. It is not up in Heaven that you must go there to get it, or down in the nether world that you should go there to find it, it is near you, IN YOUR HEART and IN YOUR MOUTH. And that is how prosperity begins. Do not skip the foundation, the beginning or the rest of the building will never be built and certainly will fall at the first storm if you do begin the work without knowing the foundation. You use My faith that comes in hearing and speaking My Word and then you build on that. The foundation always must be Christ, and He is My Word.

It all comes by faith. The righteous shall live by faith. Grace makes it but faith takes it. Have faith in My Words of prosperity. Your soul will prosper and you will walk in prosperity and health. It is voice activated. Don’t you understand? I tell you to speak to the mountain, I tell the redeemed say so. You shall have what you say, the Israelites said they could not take the promised land and that they would rather die in the desert and they did. I had to let them go as they declared. Death and life are in the power of your tongue. Say to Me that I am your refuge and your fortress and then I am authorized to be just that to you. Say. Speak. By the words of your mouth things are begun and are made, but for them to be fruitful and fulfilling they must be in agreement with My Words and not those of the world, the flesh and the devil.

When Paul was taught a prayer for you by My Spirit it was not about Me doing something for you it was about you becoming aware of what I have done for you and what you have. He prayed that the eyes of your heart would be enlightened, so that you would know what is the hope of My calling, what are the riches of the glory of My inheritance in those who believe, and what is the surpassing greatness of My power into you who believe in accordance with the working of the strength of My might which I brought about in Christ, when I raised Him from the dead and seated Him at My right hand. Ephesians 1:17-20. The greatest act of power is the resurrection. And when you believe in your heart in that power, the power that raises you from the curse to the BLESSING, from death to life, from poverty to abundant riches of glory, from darkness to light, from sickness to robust health, from defeat to victory, from condemnation to acquittal, from guilt to confident assurance, from fear to bold faith, it is then you are justified and made righteous. And when you declare with your mouth the Lordship of Jesus, the culmination of the resurrection, sealing all I did for you in Him, you too are sealed in Him, and that resurrection power at work in Him is now fully operational and working in you, giving you salvation in every situation.

And that is the way it all begins. In your heart and in your mouth, but a heart and a mouth filled with My resurrection power. And that will take you from the ash heap to a seat among princes at My right hand with Christ Jesus, your risen and reigning Lord. And as He is so are you in this world—the body of Christ. I gave Him to you. You own Him and in Him are all treasures. Live through Him. Take His prosperity. He died to give it to you by the power of the resurrection, the same power that is working in you.

Now, let Me ask you: Are you rich? The answer has to be “yes.” Now let Me teach you to profit and the way you should go. Be fully persuaded that the journey has begun. You and faithful Abraham. And when he followed, I made him very rich in flocks, herds, silver and gold. I blessed him to be a blessing, to bless every family on earth. And I watch over My Word to perform it.

I called and empowered Adam to prosper and increase. I called and empowered Abraham to prosper and increase. And I have called and empowered you to that. Do not bury your talent. Get it out in the marketplace, in the vineyard of the LORD of hosts.

I love you. Do you not know that yet? Just look at Jesus and you will know. In seeing Him you see My heart.