Even those I will bring to My holy mountain and make them joyful in My house of prayer. Their burnt offerings and their sacrifices will be acceptable on My altar; for My house will be called a house of prayer for all the peoples.” Isaiah 56:7.

Today your LORD (יהוה) God says:

Take Me at My Word and NEVER give in to the lies of the enemy. This is the fight of faith. The devil is used to winning with men, until Jesus came, but he uses circumstances and the power of persuasion through persistence. Have you ever notice that trials come in three’s? Just as the temptation of Jesus. Why three? Two or three witnesses establish a fact and if he can get you to deny My Word at least two but preferably three times he knows he has taken you down. The devil was seeking to shift Peter like wheat, and he got Peter to deny Jesus three times. But Jesus had prayed for Peter, as He does now for you as your great High Priest, and Peter was able to come back and confirm his love for My Son three times. I can fix things in your life.

Joseph was thrown in a cistern by his brothers and sold to the Ishmaelite traders. That was round one. Then he was purchased as a slave and was forced into labor in the house of a pagan man. That was round two. And then, because of the lust of Potiphar’s wife, Joseph ended up in prison. That was round three. But the devil could not get Joseph to curse anyone, get bitter, or try to escape. Joseph just kept walking things out with Me in love. Nothing could stop a man committed to honor and integrity, a man totally committed to Me.

You may have an illness or intense pain. And you are cured and relieved, and you are praising Me, when suddenly you have another bout of the same return. Well, you are confident since you came out victorious the last time, you can again. And so you do. But then the devil will return with it the third time, and make it seven times stronger, and this is the time most people give in and give up. They are tired of it already and they decide it just does not work. But just as it took three times before Jesus got the devil to go in the desert, so it will be if you just hit the trial with faith one more time, then you will have a home run. But, be sober and alert, the devil will come back in the future for another round. But once you have gotten through three, the rest will come down with one hit. Paul asked Me to take away that messenger of Satan that kept buffeting him over and over, but I told Paul that My grace was sufficient to take that demon down every time, and so it proved for Paul. Paul went through almost every trial you can think of and I delivered him out of them all. But he took it down with My grace through faith. And so can you. David did the same. I was his light and his salvation, and with Me he declared that he could leap over a wall and take down an army. And he did. He was unconquerable. And I have made you also more than a conqueror, which means you cannot be conquered if you just hold your ground. But if you surrender to the enemy there is not much I can do since you have transferred over to his territory again. Do not return to slavery a second time. I have rescued you. So I am sure of better things for you. Just don’t get sluggish about this, but imitate those of faith before you who by faith and patience, inherited the promises.

Never give in to Satan. If you do, he will take all you have and more. Let him have no part in you. Do not witness with him. Do not agree with him. And yet many of you do. I know you would  not willingly do so, but it is more subtle than that. The devil works by the power of suggestion and by circumstances. He will give you doubts, depressed and fearful thoughts, jealous and angry thoughts, and much more. If you pick them up and begin to speak them, he has you trapped to do his will, but if you will ignore them, happy will you be.

Next time you have a trial, look for groups of three. This will help you to outsmart the devil’s way of operating.

But now I will show you the better way. When a trial comes and your joy is going down this will cause you to flounder because joy is strength. In fact, I tell you that My joy is YOUR strength. How do you get filled with My joy? I tell you. My light and My truth will lead you on to My holy mountain and there I make you joyful in My house of prayer. Isaiah 56:7. David sang, “I rejoiced when I heard them say, let us go to the House of the LORD!” Prayer is your answer. Prayer in the secret place, the Holy of Holies, where I have already seated you at My right hand in Christ Jesus your Lord. And His anointing runs down on you, His body on earth, and I have anointed Him with the oil of joy above all others. And that anointing is for you. Joy. Pure joy that no man and nothing can take from you. And where is it found? In My presence there is fullness of joy, the delights at My right hand forever. And where is My presence and that joy found? Where is the river of delights? Where is it your cup overflows and I set a banquet for you in the sight of your enemies? In My house. As David sang, “And I shall dwell in the House of the LORD for length of days (endless days).” And Jacob discovered this one night in the place he would name “Beth-El,” that is, House of God. And what did he say? “The LORD is in this place and I did not know it.” I revealed the mystery of Heaven and earth joining once again in Christ to him in that place and he knew My presence. He said, “This is none other than a House of God and a Gate of Heaven.” My House is in Heaven, but the Kingdom of Heaven is now accessed within you. You enter through the One Spirit who now dwells in you and upon you. And when you are filled with the Holy Spirit you are filled with joy. In the early Church, even in the midst of persecution, they could not help but be filled with the Holy Spirit and JOY. As My apostle Peter put it, “Joy unspeakable filled with glory!” and that joy got them through every trial as a victor.

So when a trial comes, make a beeline to My house of prayer in your heart. Draw close to Me and I will draw close to you. Sing songs of praise, shout for joy, pray in tongues, and pray with your understanding. And listen to what I have to say, for I speak SHALOM to My people. Wholeness, healing, health, prosperity and peace. And I will heal you, for I have already healed you in Christ. And I will give you forgiveness, redemption, righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. And you will drink from the river of delight freely. If you are thirsty, come and drink from the river of life. If you are hungry, come and eat of the Bread of Life. And if you are in pain, come to the One who bore all your pains and let Him lift it from you, for His yoke is easy and His burden a delight.

Joy. It is yours. Jesus gave you His so that your joy would be complete. You have it already. You will find it again in My House of Prayer.

I love you. Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, and give constant thanks—and that is the secret of conquering any trial, even three rounds or more. Just keep in the game and you will win. Never give up. Consider it pure joy for when you know you will win you will continue for the joy that lays before you. Like Jesus. Keep your eyes on Him. He is your joy.