For what nation is great enough to have a god as near to them as the LORD our God is to us whenever we call on Him? Deuteronomy 4:7.

When Your Words came, I ate them; they were my joy and my heart’s delight.  Jeremiah 15:16.

Today your LORD (יהוה) God says:

Your relationship with Me can be so wonderful, so powerful, and so complete. It is a very close connection between us, I made you in My image and likeness, you are of My own kind. I am your Creator but I wanted it to be much more than that. It is not good for man to be alone, so since you are in My likeness, it follows that it is not good for Me to be alone either. We are family, and closer. I liken it to a mother and her infant, a father and his child, a spouse, a shepherd with his sheep, a vine with its branch, and an eagle with its young. And there is more. Much more. I tell you that you are My heir, a joint heir with Christ, and that I have given you My Kingdom. I tell you that Christ is in you, that My Spirit is in you and on you, that My Kingdom is in you, and that I am in you and you are in Me. This is closer and more intimate than you can be with anyone or any thing in this world or in Heaven itself.

YOU AND I CAN BE ONE. It is up to you. My Son is knocking at your door and if you let Him in all becomes new and you have taken on a whole new dimension of life. And when you let Him in your door, He becomes your door to the Kingdom and every spiritual blessing in the heavenlies. I have set before you an open door to My Kingdom and all it contains and that door is Jesus. Your great good Shepherd and your great High Priest.

Jesus called the twelve not only to go forth and preach but to be with Him. To be with Him is to be with Me. We are One. And I want you to be One with Me too in Him.

What have you done with so great a Salvation? Why would you stay in the darkness when I have called you into My own marvelous light? Pursue spiritual gifts but above all pursue love. I am love. Seek My glory and you will find your glory.

Being one with Me means being just like Me. I think, talk, and walk in love. I know  no other way to be. Go and do the same and I, the God of peace, will be with you, in you, by you and always there to make all things work together for your good. Do not fear. Cowards do not make it to Heaven. It is a place of overcomers.

Stop the whining. It won’t help you. You have a future and a hope. Do not grieve like those who have no hope. Look to Me that you may be radiant with joy and your faces may not blush for shame.  Psalm 34:5(6).

And where do you seek Me?  Where do you look at Me?  Where am I revealed to you?  In My Word.  I revealed (manifested) Myself to Samuel at Shiloh through My Word.  1 Samuel 3:21.  And My Word became flesh and dwelt among you and you have seen My glory, for in seeing Him, you are seeing Me.

Sometimes in this life things look very dark and sad but there is only one way to bring light and joy into your darkness. The opening of My Word gives light. My Word is a light to your path. My Word gives joy to those who hear it.  My Word gives life to those who find it and is health to all your flesh. I send My Word to heal you and deliver you from all destruction. Psalm 107:20.  And that gives you joy.

One Word from Me can turn your mourning into dancing and your ashes into beauty.  My Word gives joy. Jeremiah wrote that when he found My Words, he devoured them; they became the joy and delight of his heart. Jeremiah 15:16.

And I am joyful.  The reward I give to the good and faithful servant is to come and share My joy—to enter into My joy.  Matthew 25:23.

My joy is your fortress and your strength.  Nehemiah 8:10.  And I strengthen you by My Word.  Psalm 119:28.  When all looked hopelessly lost in David’s life and that of his companions, he encouraged and strengthened himself in My Word and he became strong to go after his enemies and recover all.  1 Samuel 30:6.

My Word is like a light in a dark place that leads you into perfect day.  And there is joy in the light.  At nightfall weeping enters in, but with the morning comes joy.

I am love and I am light.  I revealed both of these truths to the disciple who focused on My love for him and not on his love for Me.  John called himself the beloved disciple and he became strong and invincible—more than a conqueror.

Love gives joy and so does light.  Splendor and majesty go before Me and praise and joy are in My holy place.  2 Chronicles 16:27.

In Jesus I have made you righteous with My own righteousness and My righteousness gives you joy.   Psalm 145:7.  And a cheerful heart is a good medicine, giving health and healing to your body.  Proverbs 17:22; Proverbs 15:13.

With joy you will draw water at the springs of salvation (Yeshuah).  Drink the living water of the Holy Spirit that My Son offers you and you will have joy unspeakable and filled with glory.  It will bubble up like a fountain in you and flow out in rivers to a world thirsting for joy.

My Word is your source of joy.  These things I have spoken to you so that My joy may be in you and your joy may be made full.  John 15:11.  And I give you that joy in Jesus, a joy which no one can take from you, for He has risen from the dead and lives forever in glory at My right hand interceding for you as your Great High Priest and your representative before Me as the mediator of the New and eternal Covenant of love.  And as He is so are you in this world.

There is fullness of joy in My presence, the delights at My right hand forever.  And where is My presence?  In your heart by My Holy Spirit if you have received Jesus as your Lord and the Holy Spirit guides you to all truth.  And My Word is truth.  And every word in the Bible is Spirit breathed, so My Holy Spirit will always open My Word to you.  And He does not talk of Himself, He testifies to Jesus.  The Bible is a book about Jesus, My gift to you, from beginning to end.  He is the beginning and the end. He is the Aleph and the Tav.  He is My Word by whom I made all that is made.

Begin hearing and reading My Word looking for Jesus and you will have joy. Your heart will burn with it and your life will become filled with joy and the Holy Spirit.  Do you remember that the disciples, after Jesus rose from the dead and ascended into Heaven, went telling the Good News of grace and sharing the revelation of My Word made flesh?  And they could not but be filled with joy and the Holy Spirit?  Acts 13:52.  Why?  Read back to Acts 6:4 and you will find the answer.  They devoted themselves to prayer and the ministry of My Word.

It is My Word alone that gives true joy that endures forever.  Do you remember when Philip went to Samaria?  He proclaimed My Word of Jesus to them and with one accord they paid attention to his words and when they heard My Word through Philip and saw the signs that followed and confirmed it, there was great joy in that city.  Acts 8:8.  And before there had not been.

And then you find Philip taken by the Spirit to the desert road from Jerusalem to Gaza to explain the good news of Jesus from My Word in the prophet Isaiah to the Ethiopian court official traveling on the desert route to return to his country.  And the Ethiopian court official is so excited he asks Philip to get out of the chariot with him and baptize him in a place where there is water along the road.  And this gave the Ethiopian official such joy that he continued on his way rejoicing.  Before he had been confused but once My Word was opened to him, he had joy and went about rejoicing.  Acts 8:39.  He knew he was saved and freed from all sin forever.

Redemption gives you joy.  Jesus has redeemed you from the curse of the law.  Jesus came not to be served but to serve, to give His life as a ransom for many.  There is cause for rejoicing here.

Even the angels know it. Remember the night My Son came into the world as one of you?  The night sky lit up with My glory over the Shepherds’ field in Bethlehem and the angel declared tidings of great joy for all people for a Savior had been born to you who was both Messiah (the anointed one) and God.  Luke 2:10.

A baby wrapped in swaddling clothes laid in the manger (the Tower of the Flock, where the Passover lambs were born and raised) in the House of Bread (Bethlehem).  And He was and is a bundle of joy.  Joy to the world.

A people walking in darkness have seen a great light.  And light gives joy.  It produces every kind of goodness and gives revelation and knowledge.

Let Me light your life with My joy.  Come share your Master’s joy!  And where do you find it?  In My Word.  And My Word is Jesus.  Salvation.

There is joy and peace in believing.  Romans 15:13.  And faith comes by hearing, hearing My Word.

You will only find joy in My Word so that your joy may be complete and full.  So you may know the abundant life that Jesus (My Word) came to give you.  Will you receive Him?

I love you.  Let Me share My joy with you so your joy may be full! And I would like to remind you all of something that you need to know. Do not feel you have failed if you do not have a large following or have not stepped out before the audiences of the world to preach the good news, you really only have an audience of one that really matters. Yes, that is Me. David was just as famous and great in My eyes when he sat on the hillsides watching his father’s sheep and sang songs of praise to Me alone as when he had 288 singers round the clock singing his songs before the Ark of the Covenant in Jerusalem and was well known as the sweet psalmist and mighty king of Israel. Keep your eyes on Me alone and you will win the throne.