Therefore be careful how you walk, not as unwise men but as wise, making the most of your time, because the days are evil. So then do not be foolish but understand what the will of the Lord is. Ephesians 5:15-17.

But the Lord answered and said to her, “Martha, Martha, you are worried and bothered about so many things; but only one thing is necessary, for Mary has chosen the good part, which shall not be taken away from her.” Luke 10:41-42.

Today your LORD (יהוה) God (אלהים) says:

Be careful how you live. Make the most of your time. Now you have time but that time is quickly spent. Do not be frivolous, unfocussed, and purposeless in how you spend your time, in what you do with your time. Make your purpose Mine for it is then that all things work together for good.

Today’s life lesson as we continue our study on how to live your life IN CHRIST is “The Beauty of a Life Well Spent—The Better Part.” Watch yourselves, take heed that you do not wander from what I have prepared for you in Christ and all He has accomplished for you, I want each of you to receive your full reward. 2 John 1:8. I love to joyfully sing over you when you come before Me, “Well done good and faithful steward, come share your Father’s JOY!” As I crown you with many crowns and give you amazing assignments in My everlasting Kingdom.

You must know your purpose and focus on that. But the way you know your purpose is to know My purpose for My thoughts are higher than your thoughts and My ways than your ways, but I share them with you by My Spirit in My written Word, My Word spoken to you specifically, and that spoken by anointed teachers, preachers, prophets, pastors, and evangelists. But you must consider and evaluate everything by My written Word and in prayer, that is, in worship. There is a way that seems right to your mental intellect by worldly persuasion but that way ends in death, the death of your destiny by an unfulfilled life.

I know the purpose I have for all creation, which is manifested in your life by the plans I have for you and the thoughts I have and direct towards you. The devil also has a purpose which manifests in the plans he has for you and the thoughts he has and directs towards you. And how YOU spend your time depends on which thoughts you are allowing to stay in your mind and which plans you are carrying out.

Your life should not be on the fence, that is, not fully committed to either way but vacillating between living according to My Words and thoughts and then switching over when your emotions get worked up into the devil’s words and thoughts. If you live your life according to your emotions your life will arrive at no destination but will only result in a life of procrastination. A life that goes forward and then goes backward goes nowhere. That is, if sometimes you carry out My plans and sometimes you carry out the devil’s plans, nothing will be accomplished in your life of lasting worth. And on the final day of judgment when your sojourn on earth is over, your works will not stand the test of the refining fire of love but will go up in smoke as wood, hay and stubble that built no lasting dwelling that is worthy of reward. You will be saved if you took Jesus as Lord but you will lose your full reward that I longed to give you as a good and faithful steward of My purpose carried out in the plans for your life; that is the life of good deeds I prepared for you in advance in Christ Jesus that you should walk in them.

You cannot serve two masters. Performing the works of the devil is not in accord with being IN CHRIST. It will sadden you when you do that. Why? You are glorifying the devil and not Me though I have sealed you in Christ, your life. A wasted life. Like the Israelites who wandered close to the border of the Promised Land for 40 years but never entered the good plan I had made with such joy for their lives. I talked about it with Abraham and was so looking forward to performing it for My people. The righteous one shall live by faith, but if he draws back I have no pleasure in him. I provided for and blessed My people during their 40 years in the wilderness but though redeemed by the blood of the lamb, they lost their reward. Only Joshua and Caleb walked out My plan for the nation of Israel, and they did that by following the plan I had for their personal lives by faith. They refused to draw back from the goal. Be careful how you live and guard your heart. Satan entered the heart of Judas Iscariot and he did not refuse him entrance but entertained Satan’s thoughts and did Satan’s plan. My Son said that it would have been better for Judas Iscariot if he had never been born. And yet, he could have so easily repented and got back on track.

Do not let it be like the wandering Israelites with you. But if you are wandering or have wandered off course, do not despair as those who have no hope, for Jesus is your hope and in Him I make all things new, He came to undo the works of the devil and to restore what He did not steal. And the good news for you is that even if you have gotten off the plans I have for you and not focused on the purpose to which I called you, you can make up for the lost time. Simply return to Me with a repentant heart and take up the plan again. I can restore to you the years the devil stole and I can renew your youth. In fact I promised you that, I tell you more than once that I renew your youth and return you the freshness of youth and your youthful vigor. Psalm 103:5; Job 33:24-25; Isaiah 40:28-31; Psalm 92:12-15. I tell you that I will repay you for the years the worms stole. Joel 2:25.

But if you take the time to read all the passages I just set out for you, you will find there is only one way to get that back and get back on track and stay there. Only ONE. And it is the better part that Mary chose and Martha did not on the day Jesus was in their home. It is to come to Me in spirit and truth, in joyful praise and thanksgiving, and hear My Word in worship. Worship is giving your attention to Me and not to yourself. You are worshipping and glorifying whatever your attention is primarily focused upon.

For if, even in prayer, you are seeking only yourself and what you envision you need and want, you will bring yourself to ruin for you will not get into the flow of Heaven where all good comes down from. And you will find prayer frustrating and boring and soon will put it aside before you have reached the place of answers, the secret place, the place of the anointing. You do not need to beg and cry to receive from your heavenly account where I have blessed you with every spiritual blessing in Heaven, but you cannot enter My gates with worry and fear, no, I tell you that you enter with thanksgiving and songs of joyful praise. Why? Because that puts you in the higher realm of faith where the impossible becomes possible, in fact, becomes the flow of your life. For worship puts you in the flow of Heaven and manifests in your life what is already yours in your heavenly account, for it is filled with the flow of healing, provision, blessing, direction, protection, prosperity, and all that you need just when you need it for life and godliness.

When Moses was out of My Will living with an unbeliever and watching his sheep, I called him back to My plans for his life. He asked Me how he could know what I was saying was true and I told him, “Certainly I will be with you, and this shall be the sign to you that it is I who have sent you: when you have brought the people out of Egypt, you shall worship God at this mountain.” Exodus 3:12. And what happened at that mountain when Moses led the people there as they came out of Egypt? My glory came down and Moses was forty days and forty nights hearing My voice and receiving the plans for My dwelling place of worship among them, the tabernacle. He received the flow of Heaven for the design of the tabernacle had to be exactly according to the heavenly reality. And I told him I would speak to him there My instructions for the people from above the mercy seat in the Holy of holies.

The plans come to you in worship. In fact, Moses’ attention was so focused on Me that he did not even seek food or drink during that time of worship and he came from it strong and radiant, shining with My glory and zealous for My Word. And worship then became his lifestyle. And that brought songs forth from his heart, for I have recorded in My Word songs that Moses composed, Exodus 15, Deuteronomy 31-32, Psalm 90, and in the Book of Revelation I tell you that they are singing the song of Moses in Heaven. Revelation 15:3.

And being a worshipper renewed his youth. He did more from the age of 80 to 120 years than most people do in their entire life span. And I worked miracles, signs and wonders through him of a caliber you have not seen again. He entered into the fellowship of worship with Me and longed to see My glory. I called him My friend. He wanted to go nowhere and do nothing without My presence with him and when he had a problem with the people, he immediately called on Me and brought that burden to me.

Although Moses was 120 years old when he died, his eye was not dim, nor his vigor abated. Deuteronomy 34:7. And he only died because he got out of My plan by anger at the people and disobedience in consecrating Me before them and yet he was the most humble man on earth at that time. Be careful how you live. Do not let others deprive you of your destiny by getting irritated and angry with them even when they are behaving in ways that are offensive to you. Keep your attention on Me and I will vindicate you.

But even if you feel you have lost your destiny, if you are reading this it is not too late to take it up again. And I won’t make you backtrack; I will just connect you with where you would have been if you had obeyed and not lost your way. Let Me light your lamp and then you take up the torch and run forward to your high calling in Christ, forgetting what lies behind by keeping your eyes on Jesus. And that is worship.

I know the weakness of your flesh, Adam made you all fall to a lower level by giving sin entrance to the world. But I have given you My armor, My Word, My Name and all the covenant promise Names that go with it, the Blood of Jesus, the Name of Jesus, and the Holy Spirit in you and on you forever.

And by grace through faith you can do all things in Jesus who strengthens you. Grace upon grace is yours in Him. And if you are wondering how, the answer is simple and I have set it before your eyes in My written Word for all to know. Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, and give constant thanks at all times, this is My Will for you in Christ Jesus your Lord. And do you know what I am telling you what to do by definition? WORSHIP. For those are the three main components of true worship, for to do those in the face of a need, problem, or affliction is focusing all your attention on Me and My Word. Rejoicing is loud, it is shouts of joy and songs of praise. Rejoicing is only done by faith in My promises as yours before you see them manifest. Rejoicing proves your faith. Prayer using My Word is constant fellowship of power and the flow of answers, which is hope to receive the expected result. Thanksgiving is an expression of love.

And worship is your part. Mine is the rest but in the lifestyle of worship you will pick up My thoughts and carry out My plans. I will show you great and mighty things you could not know, like I did with Moses, and carry out My plans with you for your life.

One Word from Me can open up your destiny, and that one word is Love, for as you follow Me, directed you will be along the pathway for your life. And that path is Jesus, your Way, your truth, and your life.

To stay out of sin, to receive great grace, and to know the answers when you need them there is only one thing necessary, and that is to worship in Spirit and in truth. Faith and the Word. And it is just such worshippers I seek. Why? Because they can flow with Me so that I can again work upon the earth through, with and in them like I did with Jesus when He was among you according to the flesh. When you are filled with the flow of Heaven, the devil cannot enter you. From this, what do you know about king Saul and about Judas Iscariot? They were not worshippers. They were only seeking themselves and this let in the devil.

I love you. Be careful how you live. Worship is a wide and spacious place that turns wherever you stand into Holy ground, but it is also a narrow way in terms of keeping yourself pure in an impure world. Worship comes in the beauty of holiness. You cannot be serving the devil and living in offense, gossip, bitterness, and anger and enter into the true flow of worship. It will only be a mental activity at that point. Not all people singing in church are worshipping. But for those who worship in Spirit and in truth it is easy to enter into the flow in church, at home, in the store, walking down the street, at work, at school, in your car, on the bus, because it takes place in the sanctuary of your heart primarily between just you and Me. Make melody to Me in your heart. During your busy day, if you start to feel your joy, peace, and hope going down and darkness, fear, anxiety or depression moving in, just lift up your heart to Me and sing softly to yourself, “Here I stand in this holy place, washed by your Blood, filled with your grace, I worship You, I worship You!” until the peace that passes all understanding comes. It will if you stay with it from the heart, for when the anointing shows up, and it will if you keep worshipping and denying entrance to the darkness, it lifts the burden and destroys the yoke. And that rescues you from the power of darkness and translates you into the Kingdom of My beloved Son. The Kingdom of Light