If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you. John 15:7.

Until now you have asked for nothing in My name; ask and you will receive, so that your joy may be made full. John 16:24,

Today your LORD (יהוה) God (אלהים) says:

The joy of answered prayer can be yours but most people do not understand Kingdom laws. When you are praying, do not use meaningless repetition as the people who do not know My Word do, for they suppose that they will be heard for their many words. Do not be like them. Matthew 6:7-8.

First you must understand, in the context of meeting your needs, I told you to seek first the Kingdom. I did not say to seek Me first, but to seek the Kingdom and My righteousness to have your needs met.

What is My Kingdom? It is a government with laws, rules, and benefits. The laws of My Kingdom are spiritual laws that will never change. They are from everlasting to everlasting. My Kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and My dominion endures throughout all generations. Psalm 145:13. Righteousness and justice are the foundation of My throne; lovingkindness and truth go before Me. Psalm 89:14.

Generally, when I talk about the “world” I am referring to the worldly system that denies My existence or at most puts Me in the background and not the forefront as having any active part in it, other than calling things done by the devil “acts of God” and questioning why I allowed bad things to happen. I did not. I have told you that what you permit and what you bind on earth is what I must allow.

However, if you will submit to My jurisdiction by taking Me as your King, lawgiver, and judge, I can answer and do what you petition Me to do according to the laws of My Kingdom.

And I also authorize you to use My power to enforce My laws. That is how Jesus rebuked storms, stopped Satan’s attacks, healed sickness, multiplied provisions, and raised the dead.

When you submit to My jurisdiction, you do this now by taking Jesus as Lord and being born again as a citizen of the Heavenly Kingdom, you have come under the laws and benefits of an unshakeable and eternal Kingdom of light and love wherein resides all power. Psalm 103:1-5.

If you keep your allegiance to Satan, and you are all born under his jurisdiction being of Adam’s seed, and do not change jurisdictions by being born again, you are under the laws and curses of the realm of darkness. And this is what I mean by the “world.” And the world, with its lusts, is passing away. But the one who does My will, which is to give all a blessed, beautiful life, endures forever. 1 John 2:17. But to have My laws and benefits enforced in your life you must transfer to My jurisdiction. And to transfer your citizenship, even in a worldly kingdoms and nations, you must swear an oath to submit to the laws of the new nation in which you are seeking to gain citizenship.

If you look into My Word, you will see I talk about My Kingdom in legal terms, such as My court convening, of My just judgment, and of My laws and statutes and about the government being on the shoulders of Jesus. If you recall, I taught Moses to set up a judicial system whereby people could have their disputes judged according to My laws and statutes.

My Spirit revealed to you that I am the LORD your judge, the LORD your lawgiver, the LORD your king; and that as such, I will save you. Isaiah 33:22. And that in My jurisdiction, no resident will say, “I am sick” and the people who dwell there will be forgiven their iniquity. Isaiah 33:24. By your words you are acquitted and by your words you are condemned. But more about this in a moment.

Judge, Lawgiver, and King. The three branches of government, that is, the Judicial Branch, the Legislative Branch, and the Executive Branch. In My Kingdom I govern all three branches. Why? I am the only one qualified to rule as King, lawgiver and judge. There is no other, not the devil nor Adam, nor any principality or power, that tries to usurp Me. I am the only one who sees all in one glance, knows all, is present in every place, and is all powerful. Others that seek a sovereignty separate from Me will not last and generally end in destruction because they do not have the skill necessary to run so great an enterprise.

And I am just, merciful and kind. I am love. And I am light. I rule with equity. Psalm 67:6. I will judge the world with righteousness and the peoples with equity. Psalm 98:9. It is better to be in My hands than the hands of men, for equal to My majesty is the mercy that I show.

And you see My mercy in My gift of Jesus to the world to satisfy divine justice on your behalf so that I am just in forgiving your sins and offenses. “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” 1 John 1:9.

But you must understand this, to have a joy filled life of answered prayer and dominion power you must follow the rules and laws of My Kingdom. A court enforces the laws and rules of its jurisdiction but the court itself also runs by certain rules and statutes in the procedure that must be used to have the court enforce your citizenship rights, that is, your legal rights against those who are trying to take them away.

And My Kingdom is not different. When I showed Daniel a vision of the Kingdom of Heaven, what did he see? A courtroom scene. He looked and looked into My revelation that opened before him in the spirit. He saw thrones set up, and He saw Me as the Ancient of Days who took My seat upon the lofty throne that was aglow with flaming light. My vesture was of majestic splendor and light, and rivers of My glory were flowing and coming out from before Me. Thousands upon thousands were attending Me, and myriads upon myriads were standing before Me and then he saw the following what was taking place, “The court sat, and the books were opened.” Daniel 7:9-10.

The heavenly court had convened.

And what do I tell you? To come with confidence to My throne and receive mercy and find grace for help in time of need. And who comes as the High Priest of your confession, of your petition? Jesus, your advocate. And He gave you another advocate too to be with you always, the Holy Spirit. And I watch over My Word to enforce it. But you must petition My court to receive the order to go forth to the earth.

Let us back up a bit. My Spirit through the pen of the apostle Paul told you to have no anxiety about anything but in everything by prayer and petition with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to Me.

I am the just judge; will I not give swift justice to you who consistently call out to Me? I will not delay long over your Petition. Luke 18:7-8.

Let Me go on. If you know anything about courtroom procedure, and I am the one who set up the judicial system with Moses in the wilderness, there are certain rules you must follow in addressing the Judge to have your petition heard, granted, and enforced.

Let us begin to set those forth. My Kingdom operates the same way.

First, if you want to enforce your rights against someone who is unjustly taking them or you are seeking a benefit you are entitled to receive, you must transfer these needs to the jurisdiction of the court. And the word “court” and “judge” in the judicial system mean the judge.

And to transfer them to the jurisdiction of the court, you must file a Petition to give the court authority to act on your behalf and order the relief you are praying for. The judge may know what you need, but he cannot enforce it for you until you petition properly in accordance with court rules or he cannot grant it, or even entertain it. It will be ignored and dismissed.

I know your needs before you ask them but I still tell you ask to receive. Why? To transfer your needs to the jurisdiction of My Kingdom. Seek first the Kingdom and your needs can then be added to you. I have no jurisdiction to do so without your authorizing Me and transferring the need to My jurisdiction. Jesus first had the disciples bring the five loaves and two fish and put them in His hands. He blessed them, transferred them to My Kingdom jurisdiction, thanked Me, and then handed them back to the disciples to distribute it to the crowds as ordered.

Put all that concerns you in My hands and transfer it to the Kingdom that way. Cast your cares on Me. How do you do it? As My Spirit directed you through My apostle Paul, “have no anxiety about anything, but in everything by prayer and petition with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to Me.”

These are legal terms of court.

To bring a Petition before a court, you must come under the jurisdiction of the court in order to utilize its protection and benefits. If you look at Petitions in the legal system, the Petitioner submits to and accepts the jurisdiction of the court and states he will follow its rules. The petitioner submits to the Jurisdiction and decisions, rules and regulations of the Court in order to file a Petition and have it granted.

Submit to Me, resist the devil, and he must flee from you. James 4:7. I have already judged and condemned him, Daniel 7:11-12; John 16:11, though his sentence of confinement cannot be enforced until the leasehold is up. And that will be at My great white throne judgment.

Next, the petitioner must sign an oath that he affirms the representations in the Petition are true, that the Petition is not being presented for an improper purpose such as to harass or cause unnecessary delay or needless increase the costs of litigation, and that penalties for perjury apply to deliberate falsification.

I tell you that when you ask sometimes you do receive because you ask with wrong motives, contrary to My Will as represented in My just laws. James 4:3.

And your Petition must state the authority you have to bring the Petition. It must be based upon what specific law or laws you are basing the relief you are seeking upon and that these laws are the correct ones that justify the relief you are seeking. And that your standing is as an appropriate person to ask that relief. Even if you request has merit, you must bring it under the law that applies to it or it will be dismissed.

You have standing as My children, the redeemed, and the Body of My Son, the church, to enforce My laws and petition Me to do so. I tell you to come present your case and reason with Me.

If, for example, you are seeking to enforce healing, you have many laws and promises I have made concerning healing. Use them. Don’t just make the reason because I love you or because you have gone to church every Sunday, or even two times every day, and that you fast and give alms. This making the relief you are seeking justified by your own righteousness and not My laws and the righteousness you have already in Jesus, which is My own righteousness. Seek My Kingdom and My righteousness to get your needs added to you.

Even in a court of the world, if you base the ruling you are seeking on that you are basically a good person will not get you the relief you are requesting if you offer no statutory basis for the relief you are seeking is stated. You need to have clear and convincing evidence of what you are entitled to. And you do. Faith is the assurance (title deed) to things hoped for and the EVIDENCE of things not seen.

Next you must state the facts that form the basis of why you are seeking relief by order of the court. And then you make your argument showing how your facts match up with the requirements of the law you which to apply. You must prove that the facts of your case justify applying the law so that your Petition must legally be granted.

But there is one more step you must include or the judge will not know what the specific order is you are seeking. This section of the Petition is called the “PRAYER.” And the language you use is as follows: “WHEREFORE, Petitioner prays that: . . .” and you then list one by one what you want the judge to order be done. The first point should be that your Petition be granted, next that the Judge order the specific relief that you designate. And describe this in detail and match it up with the relief granted pursuant to the law you are using to bring your Petition.

And after stating exactly what you want done, you always put the last item as, “The Court order such other relief as may be proper.” Any additions I want to add that give you above and beyond what you have asked or thought would be included in that way, such as the hundredfold return.

Do you remember that My Son asked the blind Bartimaeus, who just kept yelling louder and louder, “Lord, have mercy on me,” “What is it that you want Me to do for you?” He made him be specific. My Son wanted to target what his specific need he wanted ordered done. And Jesus, knowing My Will is to heal and give sight to the blind, took that petition to Me and I granted it so that Jesus performed it by My power. And what He did so you must do.

But now Petitions should be brought in His Name. He is your advocate. John 5:21-23.

So how to you pray? I tell you to present your case before Me and come reason with Me and by your words you will be acquitted and by your words you will be condemned.

Remember this too, the devil is the accuser of believers. The name Satan means prosecutor or accuser. He will come to accuse you in court to try to have you condemned for your sins. He will try to have you receive the curse into your life. You must answer. If someone files in court lies against you or a frivolous lawsuit meant to harass you, you must answer even if not true. For if you do not file an Objection in response but just ignore it, you will lose by default. And he will unjustly take your stuff. You overcome your opponent in this case by the blood of the Lamb and the WORD of your testimony.

What you permit, I permit. I tell you that no weapon that is formed against you will prosper; and every tongue that accuses you in judgment YOU will condemn. YOU have to answer. This is your right as My servants. And your vindication is from Me. How? AS THE JUDGE WHO DECIDES YOUR CASE. And coming clothed in Christ, proper court attire, I see you holy and blameless. But it is by your words you are acquitted and by your words you are condemned.

What am I saying? Imagine: The court is convened, the prosecutor presents his case and brings the evidence of the sins you have done. And he maintains that by the law of the Kingdom the wages of sin is death. Eternal death, confined in hell with him forever.

The Judge looks at you for a response. You step up and what do you say? Do you weep and beg and condemn yourself before Me as having done it? NO. That is not the truth but perjury. But many of you do that for sins you have already repented of and confessed.

You may object to what I am telling you here and say but you did it. But in Jesus I have already put all your sins on Him and it as if you never sinned. He took your faults, failings, sicknesses, pains and sins. They are not yours any longer.

What should your answer be? “NOT GUILTY.”

Prosecutor: Yes you are. I have a video of you committing it.

Your answer: I object. Your Honor, you took all My sins and put them on Him (and point to your advocate, your High Priest who is there with you as your defender and savior). And then say, “I believe that He is Lord and I confessed my sins to You and You cleansed me of all unrighteousness and continually wash me clean in His blood. There is no sin on me and in Him you gave me eternal life, health, healing, forgiveness, righteousness, sanctification, and redemption.

Judge: True. You are acquitted by the words of your testimony and the blood of the Lamb. Verdict is NOT GUILTY. Holy and blameless in My sight.

Judge: And as for you, Mr. Prosecutor, you ancient serpent, begone from My courtroom and I fine you seven times what you have stolen to all the wealth in your house payable to this believer.

Now do you understand why through My prophet Isaiah I tell you that no resident in My jurisdiction ever SAYS “I am sick,” and the people who dwell there are forgiven their iniquity? Isaiah 33:24. Be careful what you are testifying to. Satan will take advantage of you and if you do not Petition Me but just accept what he put on you as My will, you have defaulted and he can steal you blind.

What you permit, I permit what you bind, I bind.

“Put Me in remembrance, let us argue our case together; State your cause, that you may be proved right.” Isaiah 43:26. You notice I argue with you. I gave you Jesus to be your advocate and He gave you the Holy Spirit to be your advocate as well. I have your case well covered.

Do you begin to understand? You already have the victory. You can bring your petitions to Me for whatever you are seeking that lines up with My Words and promises to you that are all “yes” in Christ Jesus and receive them at My throne of grace. If you note, when the court convenes I always take the throne.

“But when the Son of Man comes in His glory, and all the angels with Him, then He will sit on His glorious throne. All the nations will be gathered before Him; and He will separate them from one another, as the shepherd separates the sheep from the goats; and He will put the sheep on His right, and the goats on the left . . .” Matthew 25:31-33.

And I have seated you with Christ on His throne, and what do I tell you? “Or do you not know that the believers will judge the world? If the world is judged by you, are you not competent to constitute the smallest law courts? Do you not know that we will judge angels? How much more matters of this life?” 1 Corinthians 6:2-3. Think about that. Satan is an angel and so are his demons. He is going after you and you may be running, but in the wrong way. David did not run away from Goliath in fear and give in to his malicious threats, he ran towards him to execute justice and My Word. Selah. Submit to My jurisdiction (the truth of My Word over all other words), YOU RESIST THE DEVIL (never default), and he MUST flee from YOU.

Bring your petitions and prayers with thanksgiving to the throne of grace, backed up by My Word or promise of My Covenant Name, that apply and receive mercy and find grace for help just when you need it. I am waiting for you to move the need to My jurisdiction and obtain the order to grant it.

And you know that if you ask anything according to My Will (My Word), I hear your Petition, and you know that if I hear your Petition, what you have asked for is yours.

Have you been praying correctly to get your every need met? If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you. John 15:7.

And if you look at the form of prayer Jesus taught you it is a legal prayer. “Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be Your Name.” Here the court is convened. Have you been to court? The Judge steps out from the door behind his bench, the judgment seat, the gavel is struck, and the clerk announces: “All rise, the court of the first circuit is now in session and the Honorable Judge (Name) is presiding.” And then the one presenting his case comes forward before the Judge.

“Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.” Here you are asking for the specific rules and laws of the Kingdom to be applied on earth just as I rule them in Heaven. This parallels presenting the laws that apply to your case that you want used in the case before the judge.

“Give us this day our daily bread.” Here you present the facts you are presenting that justify the relief sought and stating that which you want specifically granted.

“And forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.” Here you are complying with the Kingdom laws to be able to receive the relief requested. Even in the world, in a court of equity, the plaintiff seeking relief must come to court with clean and not dirty hands.

“And lead us not into temptation.” Do not let the devil’s accusations and fiery arrows lead you into speaking his words and ruining your case by adopting his lies.

“But deliver us from the evil one.” The relief sought is to undo the works the devil has done or is doing in your life. And Jesus came to do that and as I sent Him so I send you. You are justified to so enforce the undoing of his works in your life and you can also petition for others.

And that is enough for today.

I love you. You can have the joy of every prayer answered if you pray according to the correct procedures and rules. Which really is just faith in My love and in My Word. Otherwise, they are dismissed without prejudice for you to try again once you become skilled in how to make prayer and petition before Me.