Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that you will abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. Hebrews 15:13.

Today your LORD (יהוה) God (אלהים) says:

It is fully persuaded faith in My Word that makes you full to capacity of joy and peace. My Son tells you that because of My Word that He spoke to you, His joy will be in you and your joy will be full. John 15:11. Why? If you abide in Me and My Words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you. John 15:7. By abiding in Me and My Words abiding in you, I mean you are in full agreement with My Words, that is where you live, so to speak, in your mental arena. You are wearing My Word as your own. Romans 4:21.

When you ask according to My Will, and you find My Will in My Word, especially My Covenant Names, I hear you and I answer you with what I have promised. 1 John 5:14-15.

Remember Your Word to Your servant, in which You have made me hope. This is my comfort in my affliction, that Your Word has revived me. Psalm 119:49-50.

Remember that I anointed Jesus with the oil of joy and He is My Word. My Word is anointed, it is Spirit breathed and full of life, and that anointing is the anointing of joy. It is the anointing that lifts the burden and destroys the yoke and that anointing is joy! My joy is your strength. My Word can remake, reshape, restore, heal, change, prosper anything and anyone, everything that was made was made by My Word and is sustained by My Word, BUT you can only connect with My Word of power by faith, your precious faith that you have received by hearing and hearing My Word concerning Christ. It is a measure of My own faith in you. Romans 12:3. Jesus is the founding leader and perfecter of your faith.

Faith is the assurance (title deed) of things hoped for (confidently expected) and the evidence of things not seen. These are legal terms. My Word gives substance to the things you hope for standing on the promises in My Word. And My Words are established laws, like statutes in government codes applying to different areas of citizens’ rights. The word translated as “assurance” or “substance” in My definition of faith is “hypostasis (ὑπόστασις), which is formed from hypó, meaning “under” and hístēmi, meaning “to stand,” so it means to possess standing under a guaranteed agreement (“title-deed”); giving “title” to a promise or property under a legal-standing, making a legitimate claim entitling someone to what is guaranteed under the particular agreement (contract or covenant) by law.

A petitioner at court does not worry before the judge whether a law will work or not. He knows if he has the evidence, such as the title deed, the executed contract, covenant or promise that is clear in its terms and the law is on his side, he has won the case. Fully persuaded. It does not matter what the opponent (prosecutor, accuser) says when the petitioner knows the evidence and the law are in his favor.

Now let us take a look at how joy comes into this. Perfect joy that no one and nothing, not even the devil and all the demons, can take from you.

“Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that you will abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. Hebrews 15:13.

This is a power packed Scripture breathed by My Spirit from the depths within Me. So, come dig deeper into this treasure trove with Me as I share this Word with you so you can abound in joy and peace until it overflows into every area of your life. Love, joy and peace are all fruit of the Spirit.

I call Myself the “God of hope,” but translated literally from the Greek language in which is was first penned, I call Myself the “God of the hope.” If you look back in the context in which this line is penned it is the hope of all, Jews and gentiles, for salvation, redemption, blessings, and eternal life that Jesus, the Messiah, brings, as promised to the Patriarchs and prophets, by grace through faith, bringing unification to all as one new man in Christ, a new creation in Christ.

Next look at the word translated “hope.” The modern day definition of “hope” is more like a wish that may or may not come to pass. That is NOT My definition of hope.

In Greek, the word for “hope” is elpis (ἐλπίς), it simply means the expectation of what is sure, of what is certain to happen or be given. There is no “maybe yes and maybe no” in it at all.

For My Son, Christ Jesus, is not “yes” and “no,” but it is “yes” in Him. For as many as are My promises, in Jesus they are “yes” to you. He died to make you righteous and He redeemed you from the curse of the law. In Him you are qualified to receive the inheritance of the saints in light. So also through Jesus is your “Amen” (“I believe”) to My glory working in you. I have established you in Christ and anointed with His anointing you when you believed in His Name. I also sealed you in Him by the Holy Spirit and gave you the Spirit in your hearts as a guarantee of all I have promised you in Christ. 2 Corinthians 1:19-22.

So let us continue with the Scripture we are exploring, “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing.” The word translated “fill” is plēróō (πληρόω), which means to make full and complete. It is from plērēs, “be full,” and means to fill to capacity so there is no room for any more. It is the same word that Jesus spoke when He told you, “These things I have spoken to you so that My joy may be in you, and that your joy may be made full.” John 15:11.

It is also that word that is always used when it is stated that a certain Scripture is fulfilled in Christ’s life, death and resurrection.

“With ALL joy and peace,” the word “all” has a very full meaning in the Greek in which this passage was first written. It is the word “pas (πᾶς),” meaning all, the whole, every kind of whatever noun it is describing. Like “shalom” it is referring not to just each piece of something, but all the pieces together making the whole, like a whole pie that has all the pieces that make up joy and peace, such as health, prosperity, good relationships, fruitful work, and mental and emotional wellbeing. Pas signifies the highest degree, the maximum of the thing the noun that follows it denotes.

Now let us look at the word “joy.” In Greek it is the word chara (χαρά), it means joy and gladness but it goes deeper. Chara is from the same root as “charis” which means grace. Chaírō (“rejoice because of grace”), chará (“joy because of grace”) and xáris (“grace”) all originate and evolve from the same root. It is joy based on My favor and grace in your life. The law was given to Moses but grace and truth came through Jesus the Messiah (Christ), the anointed One.

Jesus is your hope. The hope. He is My plan for your life of shalom. Jeremiah 29:11. And that was the first word He said in the upper room to His disciples when I raised Him from the dead, “Shalom.” Your wholeness, your peace, your joy had arrived in the Person of Jesus Christ, your hope.

And then He breathed on them and said, “Receive the Holy Spirit.” He sealed them in the new birth and the fullness of joy and peace. But that fullness is received, believed, and taken by faith. By grace through the connection (pipeline) of faith.

The word “peace” in Greek is eiréné (εἰρήνη), which is peace, quietness and rest in the sense of being whole. Eirḗnē is from eirō, which means “to join, tie together into a whole,” i.e. when all essential parts are joined together. Pease as My gift of wholeness. It is very close to the meaning of the Hebrew “shalom.”

Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that you will abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. Hebrews 15:13. So now we continue with “in believing.”

The word translated “believing” is pisteuó (πιστεύω), it is from pistis (faith). The root of pistis is peithô, which means “to persuade, be persuaded.” It is fully persuaded faith by revelation of My warranty that guarantees the fulfillment of My Word to the one who receives it, stands on it, and runs with it.

The first time I use the word pisteuó in the New Testament is when Jesus tells the centurion who had the servant who was ill that it would be done for him as he had believed. Matthew 8:13.

It is fully persuaded faith. Like Abraham finally reached so that he ignored the circumstances that seemed totally contrary to My promise of a son born to him and Sarah and did not waver in unbelief but grew strong in faith, giving Me glory, being fully persuaded (plérophoreó (πληροφορέω), to bring in full measure, to fulfill, it means to wear My promise as your own) that what I had promised, I would also perform. Romans 4:19-21. He trusted in My ability to do the impossible based on My Word.

The next word is “abound,” which is perisseuó (περισσεύω) in Greek and it means to be over and above, to abound, to overflow. Perisseúō is from perí, meaning “all-around” which indicates abundance or surplus that exceeds and goes beyond the expected measure, it surpasses what seemed possible. “Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us, to Him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus to all generations forever and ever. Amen.” Ephesians 3:21.

And what is this fully persuaded faith that has filled you to the maximum with joy and peace causing you to abound in by the power (dunamis—inherent power) of the Holy Spirit? Hope. Confident expectation, joyful anticipation, and peace beyond understanding that you will have the promise in My Word manifest in your life. And you are testifying to it already before Me because you have the title deed of My Word and it is clear and convincing evidence of your right to it.

There is fullness of joy and peace in fully persuaded faith in My Words. You know, without a doubt, that My promise is yours and you are not about to let anyone else rob you of your prize. There is no fear in perfect love, but there is also no fear in perfect joy and prefect peace.

Do not let your heart be troubled or afraid you have the title deed, the covenant promises, and the Blood of Jesus, which gives you legal standing before Me and is the law on which you base your case. Your petition is granted. 1 John 5:14-15.

I love you. I give you My Word so My joy may be in you and your joy may be full to the maximum you can hold. Help Me to enlarge your heart so you can hold more.