For as high as the heavens are above the earth, so great is his love for those who fear him;  as far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us. Psalm 103:11-12

And I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, may have power, together with all the Lord’s holy people, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, and to know this love that surpasses knowledge—that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God.  Ephesians 3:17-19.

Today your LORD (יהוה) God says:

I love you.  Do you really believe that?  Most people will say that I love them, but they do not act like it.  There are very few people that realize what this means.

When I tell you that I love you with an everlasting love, Jeremiah 31:3, that you are precious to Me and I love you, Isaiah 43:4, that I love you as much as I love Jesus, John 17:23, that I will never break My Covenant with you, Psalm 89:34, that I am your beloved and friend, Song of Songs 5:16, that I have espoused you to Me forever, Hosea 2:19; Isaiah 54:5, and that I so loved the world I gave My only Son so that you could have eternal life, John 3:16, I mean what I say.  My banner over you is love. Song of Songs 2:4.

I am your God—your Creator and Lord—but we have an intimate connection between us that finds its source and existence in My tremendous love for you.  My love for you is higher than the sky and deeper than the nether world.  It reaches to the ends of the earth and throughout the universe.  It pervades the entire Kingdom of Heaven.  It is the fragrance of Heaven.

I knew you, you were on My mind, before I created the earth and the vast universe.  I made the earth and the universe for only one reason:  for your enjoyment.  I wanted you to have a place of your own where you had dominion authority.  And I wanted to make it beautiful and filled with delightful things.

You will note that as I made the earth and all that is in it and the universe that surrounds it, I checked My work each day to see if it was just right.  I looked to see if it was good, and when it was perfect, I proceeded on to the next day.  I wanted it to be a place of such beauty and variety that every person I planned to create would find treasures, favorite things, and pleasure in what I had made.  That is why you see so many kinds of fruits, vegetables, trees, animals (consider how many kinds of dogs there are so that all who like dogs will find the right one, or if they do not care for dogs, there are cats, horses, birds, fish, and many other kinds of animals to choose from), and people!  And look at the different terrains and habitats, valleys, mountains and plains that I have made.  There are oceans and lakes as well as rivers and streams.  There is something for everyone to find that speaks especially to their heart.  It could be sunsets, sunrises, rainbows, a special place, or sunny days.  Some even like rainy days, especially farmers and gardeners.

And I have given you flowers.  And not just one or two kinds.  Just as decoration, perfume, and pleasure!

And then look at yourself!  You are wonderfully made.  Your body is amazing!  You have a whole complex of organs and vessels in your body.  Your organs and cells are always at work for you.  And you can see, feel, taste, hear, speak, and think!  You have an amazing brain that surpasses any computer.  You have legs, feet, arms, hands, fingers and toes that obey your commands.  You breathe automatically.  You are more complicated than any machine a man has ever created.  I made that all to house your precious spirit and soul.

I made the vast universe to interest you and surround you with beauty.  I put you just the right distance from the sun and I set it up so all the planets stay right in their proper orbit without crashing into each other.  I hold it all together and sustain it by My powerful Word.

And I gave you so many things to explore, both on earth and in the heavens.  You are just beginning to tap the wonderful properties and treasures that lie hidden in what you see each day.  Think of electricity, laser beams, ultra violet and infrared light, and all the things they are now finding in quantum physics.

You do not even know a small percentage of what I have for you yet, but My Spirit reveals them to you if you seek Me.  If you ask Me.

And My love for you is greater and beyond anything I have created for you to enjoy.  It is power itself.  It defies the physical and joins Heaven with earth.  It pulls you into My Glory, into My very existence, for I am love, which is beyond any limits of space or time.

Love without limits is My Covenant with you, enduring forever, holy, faithful, and true.  Yes, love without limits is My Covenant with you.  You will spend eternity abiding in that love.  It is sweet beyond description.  It sweeps you into the magnificent.

And you can begin abiding in it NOW.  Today. This moment.  Why wait another minute to enter the glorious existence?

Come to Me.  Draw close to Me.  Call Me.  To receive love, you must first give love.  Yours is the first move.  With Adam and Eve I gave them all I had and all My love but they chose to reject My love and treated My love treacherously and with contempt.  Since then I have waited for you to make the move to Me first.  I call you all and allure you to My heart and wait until you give Me your love, until you give Me your heart, until you say “yes” to My Covenant marriage proposal before I give My heart to you.  I love you all with an everlasting love, but I only give My heart to those I can trust to be faithful.  Those who will not betray Me. Those who love Me and show that love by keeping My Word as top authority in their lives no matter what.

I know your heart.  And if anyone loves Me, that one is known by Me.  1 Corinthians 8:3. And anyone who walks in love is born of Me and knows Me. 1 John 4:7.

I am love.  I want to be good to you.  I want you to enter into My love and live there, and that is what it means to be “in Christ.”  I want you to know that no matter what you have done or do, if you turn to Me with repentance and trusting love I cleanse you of all sin and hold you to My heart.  And I fill your life with good things.  I make all work to your good when you love Me and are called according to My purpose.  And My purpose for you?  Complete union with Me in an abundant life that will last forever.  A life of continuous fellowship and joy.  A life where you constantly hear My voice.

And the only way you can obtain that union with Me is in Jesus.  You in Him, He in you, and I in Him and Him in Me so we are one.  And My Son prayed for that above all else the night before He died to obtain that oneness for you by His suffering and death.  He took the sentence of condemnation that came to all people through Adam and went down to the dust of death so that now, when you are in Him, you are raised with Him from death to life and are reconciled to Me as if sin had never occurred.  And that is how much I love you.  I would go to any lengths to save you, even taking your sentence of death so that you might be with Me forever.  I gave My Son for you, and I gave you His righteousness and His perfection, will I not give you everything besides?

I love you means I want to heal you, protect you, bless you, prosper you, deliver you, help you, and give you the victory.  And I do all of that for you with Jesus.  You can have faith for that when you understand My love for you.  That is why I give you My Covenant names.  I AM your Healer, Exodus 15:26, I AM your Provider, Genesis 22:14, I AM your fortress, 2 Samuel 22:2, I AM your shield, Genesis 15:1; Psalm 144:2, I AM your Refuge, Deuteronomy 33:27, I AM your Shepherd, Psalm 23:1;Ezekiel 34:16; John 10:11, I AM your Righteousness, Jeremiah 23:6, 2 Corinthians 5:21, I AM your Victory, Exodus 17:15, 1 Corinthians 15:57, and I AM your peace!  Judges 6:24.  Whatever you need, I have it and I am there for you.  Psalm 50:10; Philippians 4:19.  I AM with you now.  Ezekiel 48:35, Matthew 28:20.  And all My promises are “yes” to you in Jesus.

It has pleased Me to give you My Kingdom.  Why? Love.  Nothing is too much for love and nothing is too hard for love.  And I am love.

If you really come to believe in My love for you, you will find comfort, peace, and rest.  Anxiety, stress, and fear have no part with love that protects, blesses, heals, and provides.  Relax and enjoy life.  When you believed in Jesus I placed you in Christ and sealed you there.  There is no snatching out of His hand and I have commanded Him to raise you up on the Last Day.  I am there with you surrounding you with the shield of My favor.  You can come to Me at any time, in any place, in any need.  And you can come with joy and anticipation.  You can know that I want to see you with Me and that I delight in doing good to you.  You need not fear that I will give you a snake when you ask for a fish, or a stone when you ask for bread.  I reward those who seek Me.

Do not put up barriers between us.  I am there for you.  My gates and My heart are always open to you.  Come with confidence right to My throne.  Jesus opened the way already and is there interceding for you with His Blood on the Mercy Seat before Me.  You have nothing to fear.

Let Me love you. Let Me embrace you. Song of Songs 2:6. For in My right hand is eternal life and in My left hand are riches and honor.  Come to Me with love in your heart and you will receive a flood of love that will inundate you with joy that overflows.  And no one can take it from you.

I love you.  Please come to receive My love.  Let Me pour it into your hearts by the gift of My Holy Spirit.  The Spirit and the Bride say “come!”