Who fills your day with good things, so that your youth is renewed like the eagle. Psalm 103:5.

Today your LORD (יהוה) God (אלהים) says:

You are redeemed from the slavery of sin and death to the glorious freedom of My children. And in that you are redeemed from all the curses that come with the law of sin and death. All the curses that flow from that law head towards death. Death of your dreams, death of good things in your life, death of your health and wealth, and death to eternal life, are all of the curse, for the curse is nothing but sickness, pain, toil, lack, poverty, and eternal death to entering the Kingdom of Heaven.

When I redeemed My people from the slavery of Egypt and led them across the desert to the promised land I freed them not only from the toil of slavery, which would never profit them but only their masters, but also from a life of no future and no hope. As slaves, they could not dream dreams and make plans for their lives because someone else, i.e. their masters, made the plans for their futures and it was nothing but to be trapped in unending toil but never achieving anything that benefited them.

I changed all that for them. My plans for you do not change even when you or others veer from them and cause them to be unfruitful in your life. But I am the same yesterday, today and forever, and your gifts and call are irrevocable if you return to Me to take them up again I will take you back on the path and put you where you would have been if you had followed Me.

And I know the plans I have for you, plans for your shalom (health, prosperity, peace, good relationships, and a long satisfying life filled with good days) and not evil, to give you a future, a hope, and a beautiful inheritance. Jeremiah 29:11, Psalm 16:6; Psalm 34:12-14.

I want to fill your life with goodness until you overflow with it.

“I will fill the soul of the priests with abundance, and My people will overflow with My goodness,” declares the LORD. Jeremiah 33:14.

My Son has released you from your sins by His blood and made you a kingdom, priests unto Me. Revelation 1:5-6. A royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people set apart that I have called out of the darkness of sin and death into the marvelous light of My eternal Kingdom. The place of absolute goodness.

My Son told you none is good but God alone. Apart from Me you are not attached to goodness, but evil, and your lives will not be complete.

As Moses heard My voice, answered My call, and saw the wonders I worked to save My covenant people, he had a great longing to know Me better and to see My full glory that he had only caught glimpses of in the desert and at Mt. Sinai. And how did I define My glory? As My goodness.

And Moses said, “Please, show me Your glory.” Then the LORD said, “I will make all My goodness pass before you, and I will proclaim the Name of the LORD before you. Exodus 33:18-19.

My glory is My goodness and My Name. And My Covenant Names all promise you good.

And the greatness of My goodness is so overwhelming that it is beyond the vision of the flesh, and it is beyond what your flesh can now contain. It would translate you like Enoch right out of the limits of this life into that eternal day which is forever. And there My goodness will pull you up into the center of My Kingdom, to the throne room.

But as for me, the nearness of God is my good; I have made the Lord LORD my refuge, That I may tell of all Your works. Psalm 73:28.

When I redeemed My people out of the slavery of Egypt, I told them that I would take them to the land I had promised to give the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, a land flowing with milk and honey. A land that was not like the land of Egypt from which they came out, but a land of hills and valleys, a land that drinks water from the rain of heaven, a land for which I cared and kept fruitful and producing abundantly for them; with My eyes always on it, from the beginning even to the end of the year. Deuteronomy 11:9-12. And in that land I would give them beautiful large homes filled with good things that they did not build or fill, beautiful vineyards and fruit trees that they did not plant, and wells filled with pure water that they did not dig. Deuteronomy 6:10-12. All they had to do to keep it and enjoy it was to stay attached to My goodness by keeping My Word, which is the Law of goodness, the perfect law of liberty.

But one who looks intently at the perfect law, the law of liberty, and abides by it, not having become a forgetful hearer but an effectual doer, this man will be blessed in what he does. James 1:25.

And this has been My vision for My children since the day I created you and gave you a beautiful garden in Eden. Eden in Hebrew means delightful, filled with delicacies, and pure pleasures. A place of abundant luxuries. I planted the garden and gave it to the man and woman and there I met with them in fellowship and walked with them every day in the breezy time of the day. And it was in that fellowship that they found their good. When they left the goodness of being near Me, of resting in Me, everything ceased of the goodness that had filled their world, for apart from Me there is no good. But with Me, you are filled with good.

Preserve me, O God, for I take refuge in You. I said to the LORD, “You are my Lord; I have no good besides You.” Psalm 16:1.

Every time people turned from fellowship with Me, everything in their lives went down into darkness. This happened with Solomon in his later years when he cut off his fellowship with Me for the worship of idols. The goodness that gave him hope and joy was gone and all became vanity to him.

All goodness resides in Me, when you pull out of Me you are out of your true home and you wander as your soul thirsts for the goodness—absolute goodness from the source so you can drink of the river of My delights.

How precious is Your lovingkindness, O God! And the children of men take refuge in the shadow of Your wings. They drink their fill of the abundance of Your house; and You give them to drink of the river of Your delights. For with You is the fountain of life; in Your light we see light. Psalm 36:7-9.

Jesus told you that all who are thirsty must come to Him to drink. In Christ you are made complete. And in that drawing into Me through Him when you receive Him as Lord you are again drawn into the bosom of My goodness with Him. John 1:18; John 14:3.

I have called you to fellowship in Christ Jesus, 1 Corinthians 1:9, having reconciled you to Myself in Him. Though you have sinned, Christ took your sins, and they are not yours anymore and you can again enjoy the goodness that Adam and Eve walked in each day in the wonderful garden of delight I prepared for them. Jesus has redeemed you from the curse of the law that Adam brought into My blessed earth. You have access to the blessing.

As I redeemed My Covenant people from the slavery of Egypt, I gave them My Word of promise to give them good things that would fill their land and their lives, all as My gift to them if they would just go in and take them. And I promised to send My angel before them to open the way, rout out the enemies, and make their battles successful.

But to have these things, they had to do what I told them in My Word or they would not be able to receive the good I had for them. And for this, I gave My people the great honor and advantage of revealing to them My Words. The Torah. My instructions for a successful life.

See, I have set before you today life and prosperity, and death and adversity; in that I command you today to love the LORD your God, to walk in His ways and to keep His commandments and His statutes and His judgments, that you may live and multiply, and that the LORD your God may bless you in the land where you are entering to possess it. Deuteronomy 30:15-17.

Why did I entrust My people Israel, the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, with the great treasure of My Word? Because of Abraham, he was the only descendant of Noah who listened to Me, obeyed My Words with joy, and was willing to fellowship with Me and enter Covenant with Me in his generation.

“Shall I hide from Abraham what I am about to do, since Abraham will surely become a great and mighty nation, and in him all the nations of the earth will be blessed? For I have chosen him, so that he may command his children and his household after him to keep the way of the LORD by doing righteousness and justice, so that the LORD may bring upon Abraham what He has spoken about him.” Genesis 18:17-19.

He would do and teach My Word to his household and his descendants and thus bless every nation on earth. I entrusted My Word to him. I taught him the gospel ahead of time. And he walked in faith, so much so I call him your “father in the faith” and Abraham, My friend.

And how do I tell you to have days filled with good things? By My Word in your mouth and obeying that Word.

Who is the man who desires life and loves length of days that he may see good? Keep your tongue from evil and your lips from speaking deceit. Depart from evil and do good; seek peace (shalom) and pursue it. Psalm 34:12-14.

My Words are truth. It is impossible for Me to lie. So if I tell you that to have days filled with good you must not speak evil and deceit, I am simply telling you to speak My Words and not the lies of the devil. Just as I told Joshua when he was about to lead the next generation in to take possession of the promised land.

This book of the law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do according to all that is written in it; for then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have success. Joshua 1:8.

When My people got to the edge of the promised land they drew back because rather than speaking My promises they spoke the fears that the  devil showed them by focusing their eyes on what was seen in the land itself and not linking those with My promises in which I had warned them of these things while also telling them of how I would overcome them with them.

The devil took them to the flesh level (the “no God,” all “me” level) of the analytic mind that only gets input from the five physical senses He took them down from the spirit level, by which I led them in the desert—from the miraculous crossing of the Red Sea, to the miracle of the Manna falling from Heaven on the dew every day, water gushing out of rocks and My glory appearing before them in the desert, on Mt. Sinai, and then every day in the column of cloud and the pillar of fire. in the desert traveling with Me and receiving My Word.

When circumstances were challenging, they forgot My Word because they did not mix it with faith.

Jesus is the High Priest of your confession, that is, of you speaking My Words, for I watch over My Words to perform the promise in them, and I mean as spoken by your mouth for your life. By your words you are acquitted and by your words you are condemned. Do not condemn yourself out of a life filled with goodness by speaking death instead of life.

My Words are Spirit and life. They contain eternal life. They are life to all who find them and health to all their flesh. They are My gift to you. Cherish them, speak them, keep them and your life will be filled with good things. For this is My Covenant with you, My Spirit upon you and My Words which I have put in your mouth. Hear them, read them, say them, and obey them and they will fill your world with goodness. Grow a Word garden and the walk in it with Me. I will come.

Absolute goodness is only found in fellowship with. Every good thing given and every perfect gift comes down from Me. James 1:17. Live in Me by remaining in My Word and My Word remaining in you and you will be filled with goodness, it overwhelm you and chase you down.

Now it shall be, if you diligently hear and obey the Words of the LORD your God, being careful to do all His commandments which I command you today, the LORD your God will set you high above all the nations of the earth. All these blessings will come upon you and overtake you if you hear and obey the Words of the LORD your God . . . Deuteronomy 28:1-2.

I love you. Taste and see My goodness. My Words are sweeter than honey dripping from the comb, there is great reward in keeping them. Let Me fill your days with good things and I will. Forever.

Give thanks to the LORD, for He is GOOD; for His lovingkindness endures forever. Oh let Israel say, “His lovingkindness endures forever.” Oh let the house of Aaron say, “His lovingkindness endures forever.” Oh let those who revere the LORD say, “His lovingkindness endures forever.” Psalm 118:1-4.