“I am watching over My word to perform it.” Jeremiah 1:12.

Today your LORD (יהוה) God says:

Why did the Israelites I redeemed out of the slavery of Egypt fail to enter My rest? Because of their unbelief in My promises to them. What promises did they fail to believe? That I had given them the victory, that I would fight their battles with them and for them, that I was with them to deliver the land into their hands, and that I had already provided for them great cities they did not build, houses filled with good things they did not fill, wells they did not dig, and vineyards and fruit trees they did not plant so that they could live in beauty and abundance with no toil on their part. There were to be no poor among them.

Simply put, they did not believe in entering the rest. They could not trust Me to take care of them and all their needs and desires. And neither do most of you.

You may wonder how they could be so anxious and filled with doubt when I had delivered them with great signs and wonders and provided manna for them every morning and quail in the evening miraculously every day in the wilderness. And yet each day they doubted and worried and acted as if I had abandoned them and that their provision depended on their own work. They never felt secure though they were.

And many of you “believers” are acting in total unbelief of My goodness and My provision of all you need. You see things as only obtainable by toil. You constantly fear you will not have enough. You are not sure I will answer your prayers, heal you, or give you more than enough. You act like it all depends on you and in a way it does, in that you have to make the decision to enter the rest—it takes diligence and perseverance to enter the rest—but once you get into My rest the rhythm and flow of your life becomes one of rest while all things go to work for you as you operate in dominion authority from My rest with, in, and through Me. I gave you Jesus so that you might live through Him. His the work, yours the gain.

Before you judge the Israelites harshly, think about your own life. Do you believe My promises of healing, provision, prosperity, good health, and a life of good works all prepared for you in advance? If you doubt that you will have My promises manifest in your life, in fact, if you are not EXPECTING My promises in your life each day, you also have failed to enter My rest because of your unbelief in the promises I have sworn to you by Covenant. And if you are in Christ, all My promises are “yes” to you in Him. I have withheld nothing from you. The Kingdom is yours. I gave you My Son, will I not give you everything with Him?

It takes faith to enter, meaning you have established in your heart and are fully persuaded that what I say I will perform. In other words, that My Word is truth and you can count on Me to perform it. It is done to you according to your faith. And faith comes by hearing, hearing and hearing My Word will grow your faith and renew your mind to believe what I say is true. Be careful what you hear and what you are listening to most of your day.

Once man sinned and cut himself off from My authority to provide for him and he changed everything for his descendants. He gave the earth that I gave him over to the devil. He shut me out and let the kingdom of darkness and the curse in. Yes, the first man shut me out of the world and legally he could do that as I had given him the leasehold. But I had a plan to reenter and undo the work the devil had done by deception. And as one man shut Me out, so One Man let Me back in. And that One Man is My Son Jesus and He makes you one in Him with Me in the everlasting Covenant of Love.

But before My Son took flesh and I reconciled those who received Him to Myself, I prepared the way by finding a man that would let Me back into the earth and from that man’s descendants My Son would take flesh so He had authority to act upon the earth as one of you. And the man I found that allowed Me back in to provide for him and change the world was Abraham, who I call My friend. He authorized Me in by making Covenant with Me and I could provide for him. And I made him very rich in silver and gold and cattle. I blessed him so he could be a blessing—THE BLESSING of Abraham. And through his descendants, and One in particular, he has blessed every family on earth.

You have no peace when you forget prosperity and have no faith for it. If you do not have enough provision you cannot have peace. If the devil ties up your provision you will not follow your vision. You will spend your life running after just what you will eat, drink and wear at the moment. You will be the slave of money to buy your provisions and those of your family. You will never get out to the cycle of filling basic needs and will never go beyond.

Your redemption is not complete without divine provision.

The rich rule over the poor and the borrower is servant to the lender. You are supposed to be the lender and not the borrower. Above and not beneath. The head and not the tail. Kings and priests who are BLESSED coming in and BLESSED going out.

I made a way to provide for you. Covenant. A Covenant takes you doing your part so it will do its part. Like a law. You don’t get Covenant by fasting and praying. You get it by faith and obeying the conditions for the Covenant promises. May people fast to get Me to do something. Do not fast if that is why you are doing it. I have already provided all you need and more in Christ. It is yours already. How can you fast so long as the Bridegroom is with you? And He is with you always to the end of the age. If you are fasting so you can hear better from Me or to cut down on your lusts that is different but don’t be doing it to get favor from Me, you have it already in Jesus. Favor comes to you when you walk in faith in My Word and lean on My Word for your direction and protection.

Whatever you have you must submit to the Kingdom, that is, put it into My hands. If you do not submit it I cannot do anything with it. It is not under Kingdom jurisdiction. But when you submit it to Me, I can multiply it.

You will see a shadow of the reality of this in how Potiphar took everything he had and put it in Joseph’s hands (into the Kingdom system, for Joseph was in the Abrahamic Covenant and had THE BLESSING working in his life) and then he never thought about it again. Submitted it all to the BLESSING and worried no more. Joseph took care of the provision and Potiphar took care of his assignment in Pharaoh’s government. He never worried about anything on his farm and household business again. He trusted Joseph to care for it all. And he was BLESSED by having entrusted the care of his provision to Joseph.

Once you worry about provision you go into the realm of darkness and a life of working for things instead of things working for you.

Cast your cares upon Me because I care for you and do not worry about them again. Just do your assignment and I will provide the vision and the provision. The revelation and the manifestation. But you must walk by faith and not by sight. The righteous LIVE by faith. And that is the way they make a living—from the rest of faith. True faith is a rest because you are fully persuaded that I am making all things work together for your good. And that is submitting your life to Me. Simply put, you give all your cares and all you are and have into My hands as you increase in your knowledge of Me by My Word and praying and meditating upon My Word until it becomes the way you think and the ultimate authority of your life—that is, until you are fully persuaded that what I say, I do. So submit to Me, resist the devil, and he will FLEE from you. And that is rest from your enemies on every side.

Thankful praise that My Word is true will put you in the rest. Remember? You enter My gates with thanksgiving and My courts with hymns of praise. You would do well to read Psalm 100 and apply it to entering the rest.

I love you. Work to enter the rest. The work of faith. Fight the good fight of faith. Cling to My Word and trust My Word to perform.